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PDF , 1. Extract from the document. PDF , 62 Kb , File published: Mar 22, This report describes how to construct a gain block diagram for a current feedback op amp and relates the diagram to stability and gain analysis using parameters of the THS op amp. General information about the model file structure, performance comparison, model listing, and a brief comment about symbols are included.

The report gives a general overview and derivation of the transfer function, followed by detailed discussions of low-pass and high-pass filters, including design information, and ideal and non-ideal operation. To illustrate the limitations of real circuits, data on low-pass and high-pass filters using the Texas Instruments THS is i. PDF , 45 Kb , File published: Apr 12, Operational amplifiers op amps are often used to drive devices that present significant capacitance such as analog-to-digital converters, cables, MOSFETs, filter networks, etc.

The effect of the added capacitance is to cause extra phase shift, which tends to erode the phase margin of the amplifier and may lead to instability. At high frequency, even a very small capacitance is detrimental. One of the basic principles of a current feedback op amp is that its transfer function is a transimpedance equal to the output voltage divided by the current from the negative input terminal, i.

PDF , Kb , File published: Oct 5, Selecting a suitable large-signal swing operational amplifier driver for instrumentation or test and measurement applications can be challenging.

In addition to developing the necessary theoretical background for load sharing, this report provides bench results to demonstrate the implementation and benefits of load sharing and output paralleling. PDF , Kb , File published: Jun 30, Output voltage swing, output current, and slew rate interact with many other specifications in operational amplifiers. This application note develops the definitions for each parameter and the relationship between important ac parameters such as large-signal bandwidth and distortion.

PDF , Kb , File published: Apr 25, In order to derive a solution for an analog circuit problem, it is often useful to develop a model. This approach is generally accepted as developing an analytical model. However, finding the analytical solution is not always practical or possible as a result of higher-degree polynomials that require further resolution, or because of the time needed to develop the solution completely.

In these sit. PDF , 93 Kb , File published: Nov 30, This application report contrasts and compares the characteristics and capabilities of voltage and current feedback operational amplifiers. The report also points out the many similarities between the two versions. Coaxial coax cables are used to distribute cable television CATV signals throughout a home. PDF , Kb , Revision: A , File published: Jan 17, As system bandwidths have increased an accurate estimate of the noise contribution for each element in the signal channel has become increasingly important.

Many designers are not however particularly comfortable with the calculations required to predict the total noise for an op amp or in the conversions between the different descriptions of noise.

Considerable inconsistency between manufactu. Privacy Policy Change Privacy Settings. Texas Instruments.


Bare Die Product Detail: THS3001



THS3001-DIE THS3001-DIE. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



Datasheet Texas Instruments THS3001



THS3001CD - THS3001 420MHz Current Feedback Amplifier


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