The Override with Printer File OVRPRTF command is used to 1 override replace the file named in the program, 2 override certain parameters of a file that are used by the program, or 3 override the file named in the program and override certain parameters of the file processed. Parameters overridden by this command are specified in the file description, in the program, or in other file override commands that run in the following command. If a file named in the program is overridden, the name of that file is specified in the FILE parameter and the name of the overriding file the file processed is specified in the TOFILE parameter. Parameters not specified do not affect parameters specified in the file description, in the program, or in other file override commands run later. Note: Using this command does not cause a file to be overridden immediately. Information provided on this command is stored until the file is used, at which time the file is overridden.

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Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I have tried the ovrscope parms, I checked in debug that it was overriding before my call to the program. I have tried this as a straight call in case that was an issue. It is a new program off an existing menu. I see my regular outq of SSPRT is designated in the call, but shouldn't the override do it's job and point the output elsewhere? Been playing with this all afternoon, any help would be appreciated.

The job had ending code 0. The job ended after 1 routing steps with a secondary ending code of 0. The job ending codes and their meanings are as follows: 0 - The job completed normally. Tags: None. February 19th, , AM. If you perform the override with the default override scope, the override is only valid within the same activation group. Override is valid for the current callstack. Comment Post Cancel. However it generates 2 spool files in the same outq. Here are my changes, please let me know what would cause 2 spool files to generate.

Thank you. February 19th, , PM. It is all cleared up now, thanks again for the assistance. All rights reserved.

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What is the use of OVRPRTF ?

Some fonts can be substituted by the printer. Consult the various printer reference guides for details. If the printer stops and the next record processed has a channel value forms-control number that is the same value as the line number the printer is on, the printer advances to that value line number on the next page. However, if the printer is positioned at the top of the page line number one and the channel value forms-control value is associated with line number one, the printer does not advance to a new a new page. This value is not allowed if the file was created on a system at an earlier release level than V2R3M0. For landscape paper on a printer, the rotation is counter-clockwise from the 0 degree rotation position upper right corner of the first edge loaded into the printer.


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Log In. Trying to eliminate the CL program. The only thing I need to do is to add a DLTOVR after the print procedure is called, because the splfname can change every time the print procedure is called. Thanx for the help ALL. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework.

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