Los eruditos y apologistas mormones responden a los anacronismos de varias maneras. Los ciervos han sido domesticados y pastoreados pero no verdaderamente domesticado. No ha habido restos, referencias, obras de arte, herramientas o cualquier otra evidencia que sugiera que los cerdos estuvieron presentes en el Nuevo Mundo precolombino. Los caminos incas fueron utilizados principalmente por corredores de mensajes chaski y caravanas de llamas.

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El presidente Russell M. Debemos elevar la voz conjuntamente con otros ciudadanos preocupados de todo el mundo y oponernos a las tendencias actuales. Debemos decir a los patrocinadores de los programas ofensivos que ya es suficiente.

Debemos apoyar los programas y los productos que son positivos y edificantes. Se pueden encontrar las direcciones de las empresas y de sus filiales locales en los sitios web en internet. Han cometido faltas y las han pagado. Las Escrituras nos Nosotros, los que hemos recorrido ya los senderos en los cuales ustedes se encuentran, tratamos de explicarles algo de lo que hemos aprendido; les damos voces de aliento y procuramos advertirles de las trampas y los peligros que nosotros hayamos enfrentado en ese camino.

A ellos les digo: vivan fielmente todos los mandamientos, den de ustedes mismos, cuiden de sus familias, sirvan Cuando nos bautizamos, hacemos el conveni En el templo hacemos convenios adicionales de ser obedientes, generosos, fieles, honorables y caritativos. Hacemos el convenio de hacer sacrificios y de consagrar todo lo que tenemos. Cuando guardamos los convenios forjados mediante la autoridad del sacerdocio, recibimos bendiciones hasta rebosar nuestra copa. Conferencia General Abril Conferencia General Octubre En realidad no es tan complicado como parece.

Godoy, de la Presidencia de los Setenta. Liahona Marzo No obstante, tienes la responsabilidad de determinar si alguna Welch y Stephen D. Estoy hablando ahora de toda la gente de la tierra en general. Nosotros no tenemos deseos de hacerlo. Esto ciertamente es una ingratitud. Somos desagradecidos. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Barrio Tierra Nueva on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account?

Not Now. Visitor Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Each one is a beloved son or daughter procreated as a spirit by heavenly fathers and, as such, each one has a divine nature and destiny ".

We are " President Russell M. Nelson declared, " They were taught in the spirit world to prepare for anything and for all the things they would face in this postrera part of these last days see D. Those teachings endure inside! VenFollow me Amlici's attempt to remove people their religious rights and privileges was frustrated by the voice of the people.

Consider what the result would have been if the straight Nephites of Amlici era had abstained from voting. In today's democratic countries, every Latter-day Saint has a sacred obligation to vote and influence their society by supporting honest, wise, good and honorable laws and leaders see D.

The elder M. Russell Ballard, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, urged us to raise our voices against the unicuous trends of our days: " We have to remember Edmund Burke's statement: ' The only thing that is required for evil to succeed is that the good people do nothing '. We must raise our voice together with other concerned citizens around the world and oppose current trends. We must tell the sponsors of offensive programs that enough is enough.

We must support programs and products that are positive and uplifting. If we join our neighbors and friends who share our concern, we will be able to send a clear message to those responsible. The addresses of businesses and their local affiliates can be found on websites online. Letters and emails have more power than most people assume " see Liahona, November , p.

Oaks, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, instructed the masters of the Gospel to raise their eyes to the Savior and to help his students do the same: " The master of the Gospel will never hinder the sight [of the pupil] towards the Master by in front or distracting the lesson with personal aggrandiment attitudes or petty interests. This means that the master of the Gospel should never surrender to priesthood supercherries, which are 'the man preach and constituted themselves as a light to the world, in order to obtain profit and praise of the world' 2 Nephi The master of the Gospel does not preach to ' become popular ' Soul or ' because of riches and honors ' Soul but follows the wonderful example of the Book of Mormon in as 'the preacher was not of more esteem that the listener, nor was the teacher better than the disciple' Soul Both must always look towards the Master " Liahona, January , p.

VenFollow Me One of the main duties that God demands of whom He calls to serve is to help return to the flock to those who have walked away from it. While serving as Seventy, Elder Theodore M. Burton shared what he felt for this sacred work: " I have been asked, ' Isn't it depressing to have to review the sins and transgressions of the people who have gotten into those difficulties? I would be if my interest were sins and transgressions; but I work with people who are repenting, who are sons and daughters of God, who have made mistakes, some of these very serious, but who are not sinners; they were sinners in the past, but they have learned by bitter experience the anguish that comes by disobeying the laws of God.

Now, they are no longer sinners but repentant children of God who desire to return to Him and who strive to achieve it. They have committed faults and paid for them. Now they seek understanding, love and acceptance " see Liahona, January , p. Come Follow me President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency stressed the importance of teaching the young people of the Church to believe in God: " There is no committed in the kingdom more important than to instilling faith in young people.

Every young man of every generation chooses between faith and unbelief. Faith comes not by inheritance but by choice. Those who believed King Benjamin learned this when many of his children later opted not to believe. The Scriptures give us a reason: ' Maxwell, February 2, , p. Also, when speaking to the young people of the Church, elder Jeffrey R. Holland, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, explained why the members of the most years old Church guide those who are less age: " Much of what we do in the Church is aimed at you, those who the Book of Mormon calls 'the new generation' Mosiah ; Soul We, who have already traveled the trails in which you are in, try to explain to you something we have learned; we give you voices of encouragement and try to warn you of the traps and dangers that we have faced on that path.

Whenever possible, we strive to walk beside them and to keep them close to us " Liahona, July , p. The elder Henry B. Eyring talks about some of the features of those who share the Gospel with others Mosiah Come Follow me President Marion G.

Romney , of the First Presidency, advised us to cultivate charity by giving ourselves fully to the work of the Lord: " Some will wonder, ' How can I acquire these feelings of righteousness by sharing what I have? How can I overcome the feeling of giving reluctantly? How do I get the pure love of Christ? To them I say to them, live faithfully all commandments, give of yourselves, take care of your families, serve in the calls of the Church, work on the missionary work, pay your tithes and offerings, search the Scriptures; and this list could Continue.

As you get lost in this work, the Lord will touch and soften your heart " see Liahona, February , p. Parkin, as President-General of the Relief Society, explained something about the way Heavenly Father teaches us to the extent that we make and keep agreements: " Conventions-or the promises that are valid between us and our Heavenly Father - are essential to our eternal progress.

Step by step, He instructs us to be like Him by inviting us to participate in His work. When we are baptized, we make the agreement to love him with all our hearts, and to love our brothers and sisters as we do [o] s. At the temple we make additional agreements of being obedient, generous, faithful, honorable and charitable. We make the agreement to make sacrifices and to consecrate everything we have.

When we keep the agreements forged through the authority of the priesthood, we receive blessings until we overflow our cup. How often do you reflect on your agreements extending beyond earthly life and in which they put in contact with the Divine?

Making agreements is the manifestation of a willing heart; keeping them is the manifestation of a faithful heart " " Holiness of heart ", Liahona, November , pp. LDSConf With what started in the Holy Grove and continues until today, those wishes began to come true and became, as the apostle Paul and others taught, true anchors for the soul, safe and firm. So far, our study of the past to years of God's goodness towards the world; but what do we expect to happen in the future?

We still have hopes that have not yet been fulfilled. We have every reason to expect blessings even greater than those we have already received because this is the work of the Almighty God, this is the Church of continuous revelation, and this is the Gospel of Christ's unlimited grace and benevolence. General Conference April In doing so, let our attitude be to say, " Lord, if you want, you can clean me ".

If we do, we will be able to receive the healing touch of the Master, accompanied by the sweet echo of His voice: " I want, be clean ".

General Conference October Come Follow me The Elder M. Although he is the Son of God, He is at the head of the Church, which is the family of believers.

When we are born spiritually again, we are adopted into His family, and He becomes our Father or leader


Henry B. Eyring



Anacronismos en el Libro de Mormón






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