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Netherlands - Teachers - Law, Act. Act of 14 February amending several education laws to permit a proportional representation of women in decision-making positions. Provides amendments of several education laws in connection with the adoption of a document concerning proportional representation of women in decision-making positions in education. The amendments are made to the Act on Basis Education "basisonderwijs" as provided for in Stb.

Netherlands - Teachers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. The present amendments concern the period of reference, employment history record-keeping and the extension of continuing pay.

The present amendments do not affect the level of benefits or the duration of such payments to unemployed teaching and research personnel. Decree of 14 June regulating assessment methods of participation funds for teachers in primary schools, continuing education, vocational education and training, adult education and educational support. Adoption : NLDR Concerns the administration and assessment of participation funds for the support of teachers and unemployed teachers and their social security needs.

This decree will be referred to in the future as the Participation Fund Decree "Besluit participatiefonds". Decree of 4 June amending various Formation and Cost Accounting Decrees in connection to updating the hours of work and shortened work hours for older workers in the teaching professions. The amendments concern the harmonization and simplification of accounting the costs of shortened work hours for teachers in primary and secondary schools and for teachers in vocational training and adult education.

Decree of 25 September amending the Decree on accommodation-compensation of sickness costs and income support for teaching and research personnel. Simplification and improvement of calculating income support and benefits as well as a simplification of the administration of requests by teachers and research personnel.

These amendments are made in the Decree on accommodation and compensation of sickness costs and income support for teaching and research personnel "Besluit tegemoetkoming Ziektekosten en inkomenstoeslag onderwijs- en onderzoekpersoneel" , Stb.

This savings regulation of premiums for civil servants is an amendment of Stb. It concerns life insurance premium payment method and savings of teaching personnel and civil servants who have had the cost of premiums deducted from their salary. Decree of 25 April to establish the time of entry into force of the Decree of 23 March Stb. Decree of 13 April to terminate the salary regulation for civilian teachers within the Ministry of Defense as enacted in the Royal Decree of 18 May Stb. Civilian employees who worked in the Ministry of Defense as teaching personnel have until now been renumerated according to the salary regulations of general teachers.

With this Decree, the renumeration regulation is abrogated in an effort to decentralize the teaching profession. Decree of 7 April establishing the Decree compensating for health insurance costs of teaching and research staff. Teachers and research personnel employed by the State are alone responsible for their health insurance in contrast to other employees who share the costs of their health insurance with their employers , so they are compensated twice a year for their higher insurance costs.

This present Decree establishes the amount of compensation. Decree of 25 March amending the benefits available to general teaching staff, agricultural training personnel and higher vocational training staff. This Decree concerns benefit and salary regulations for all teaching personnel in connection with amendments to the following: Legal Status Decree for Teaching Personnel Stb.

Decree of 23 March to amend several Decrees and Acts concerning training, special education and teaching. The purpose is to improve the management of teaching personnel under the school budget for the coming years.

This Decree refers to the following related earlier Acts and amendments: Stb. Decree of 17 March to establish the time-frame of entry into force of the Act which amended the Education Act concerning the budget of the unemployment benefits that are replacement, relocation and reappointment benefits of Teaching staff.

Establishes the dates for entry into force of various Articles of the Act Stb. Adoption : NLDL Establishes a budget for the Participation Fund to regulate unemployment benefits for education staff teachers in situations of replacement, relocation or reappointment.

This concerns all teaching staff in schools, adult education, continuing education, special education and training. Act of 2 November to amend the Temporary Work Agency Education Act, in connection with the increase of the number of officials on half-pay being eligible for appointment, with the shifting of vacancies and with the enlargement of the circumstances under which a competent authority may appoint a supply teacher without application of the Act.

Act of 2 November to amend the Act of 20 December , adapting the benefit percentages of severance pays and working disability benefits for Government staff, teaching staff and related personnel. Decree of 15 July to amend the Teaching Staff Legal Status Decree of , in connection with the introduction of the promotion of labour participation of seniors and the adaptation of the reduction of hours of work.

Regulates the effects of the opportunity given to a senior teaching staff member to reduce his hours of work with partial salary, and of the harmonization and simplification of the reduction of working hours. Decree of 4 July to amend the Decree indicating persons compulsorily insured under the Sickness Fund Act, in connection with the continuation of the exception to the compulsory sickness fund insurance for personnel employed in higher vocational education.

Primary Education Act, as amended to 27 April Consists of 3 Chapters and Sections. Concerns public education and private education financed with public funds. Provides for rules relating to public education and lays down conditions for the financing of private education. Deals with education aim, content, education in native language ; staff appointment, suspension, dismissal, benefits, consultations ; pupils age of admission and duration of education.

Further deals with schools for children of migrant parents. Published by Order of the Minister of Justice of 12 August Interim Act on special education and secondary special education, as amended to 27 April Consists of 6 Titles and Sections. Title I contains general provisions definitions and categories of children for whom special education is intended. Title II deals with public and public funds financed special education. Provides for rules for public education and conditions for its financing.

Subtitle I deals with the personnel, inter alia appointment, suspension, dismissal and refresher courses. Title III lays down further provisions with respect to education financed with public funds and Title IV deals with financing of the teaching personnel and of resfresher courses. Title V provides for the proofs of competence to give special teaching.

Title VI lays down final provisions. Decree of 22 February to amend the Working Environment Decree relating to Education of , in connection with the introduction of the second and third phase of the Working Environment Act of in educational establishments, and with other relevant matters.

Declares the Work Environment Act totally applicable to actions of pupils, students and personnel in educational establishments, with some exceptions relating to the specific character of the situation in education. Other amendments relates to the entry into force of the Act implementing the EC directive of 12 June concerning the execution of measures to promote the improvement of the occupational safety and health of workers, and with the passing of some other acts.

Work Environment Decree relating to education of , as amended to 22 February Consists of 5 Chapters and 13 Sections. Chapter I contains definitions. Chapter II deals with personnel active in educational establishments. Provides that the Work Environment Act applies to them. Further regulates cooperation and consultation concerning occupational health and safety, and medical re-examination.

Chapter III concerns pupils and students. Declares the Work Environment Act applicable to them, with exceptions concerning welfare, hearing and petition for application of the Act, obligations imposed by the Act on employees, mentorship and occupational medical examination. Chapter IV deals with control of the implementation of the Decree and with the obligations of the employer.

Chapter V contains final provisions. Provides for an unemployment regulation for teaching and research staff and for a supra-legal regulation to take into account the specific features of the teaching labour market. The legal regulation governs the conditions and assertion for a claim to benefit, duration of the benefit, and continuation of benefit to which entitlement arises after the benefit for loss of earnings has elapsed.

The supra-legal regulation governs the duration and amount of the supplementary benefit, provides for a wage supplement if a person accepts a position with a lower wage level, regulates the sickness claims for persons entitled to unemployment benefit. Also provides for survivors benefit and moving expenses for persons entitled to unemployment benefit pursuant to this decree.

Decree of 4 February to regulate the way in which qualified organizations of civil servants and teaching personnel consult about concerns of general interest for the legal status of personnel of institutions for education and research.

Teaching and Research Staff Consultation Decree. Composed of representatives of appointed federations of civil servants and teaching personnel. Replaces the Special Commission for consultation in matters concerning the legal status of teaching personnel and the Central Consultation Organ for personnel affairs in scientific education. Teaching staff shall receive an increase in salary of 3.

Act of 21 April amending the Act on basic education, the Interim Act on special education and the Act on advanced education in favour of the abolition or reduction of educational delays.

Decree of 19 April , concerning personnel regulations as a result of measures taken within the framework of sector formation and renewal of secondary occupational education. In view of cost-saving proposals for personnel working in secondary occupational education, instructions are being given to defend the legal position of personnel, especially concerning protection against dismissal; replacement and occupational rehabilitation and reclassification; and travel expenses in case of need to relocate.

Decree of 22 March , concerning regulations for personnel consequences within the framework of the formation of agrarian educational centres. Protection against dismissal: Any employee having a permanent contract with one of the agrarian educational centres cannot be made redundant if the redundancy is a result of the reduction or destruction of facilities. He can also not be dismissed when there is a decrease in the number of pupils. Personnel can be dismissed when they replaced temporary absent teaching staff; they were teaching at premises temporarily made available by the State; or they were in charge of teaching during overtime hours.

Sufficient time should be given to staff to take part in occupational rehabilitation. Act to lay down temporary rules concerning employment of teachers. Decree establishing regulations based on s.

Detailed regulations concerning safety, health and welfare for those working in educational establishments schools, universities. Decree establishing the date on which s. Decree amending the Decree on the legal status of education personnel Stb.

Decree to amend the Decree on the legal status of educational personnel Staatsblad , Leave in connection with the reduction of hours of work.

Decree to lay down and introduce provisions regulating the legal status of staff employed in primary, special, further special and further education, apprentice training, educational work for young persons, educational work for young adults, experimental projects with new and part-time continuation and vocational courses and institutions covered by section B3 of the Pensions Act.

Teaching Staff Legal Status Decree. An Act to institute a general scheme for the payment of benefit on account of voluntary early retirement to civil servants, teaching staff and other persons of equivalent status.

Voluntary Early Retirement Benefit Act. Early Retirement Teaching Staff Decree. Decree to make provision for the grant of a benefit in respect of early retirement to teaching staff. Secondary School Act.


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Namibia - Personal docente - Ley. Teachers' Education Colleges Act, [No. Regulates the education and training of teachers. Provides for the establishment, functions and composition of the Advisory Council on Teachers' Education and Training as well as for the establishment, closure and governance of teachers' education colleges. Also provides for the establishment and administration of Teachers' Education and Training Funds and the appointment of committees to investigate and monitor teachers' education colleges. Nicaragua - Personal docente - Ley. En particular, el cap.

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Washington, DC FORM F. Commission file number: America Mobile. United Mexican States. Title of each class:. Name of each exchange on which registered:.


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Ley No. Ley General de. In Advances in language planning edited by Joshua Fishman. The Hague: Mouton. Lima, Peru. Front Cover. Jorge Palma Martinez.

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