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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. As well as publishing, he is an academic peer reviewer, exhibition curator, public speaker and editor. His work has been mentioned in the media from The Guardian to Radio Jamaica, and his expertise has been sought by film companies, museums and charities, as well as being cited in the current student book for A-Level Sociology in the UK.

The mechanised slaughter of the First World War brought a sudden and concentrated interest in life after death, living in spite of death and trying to predict, or even influence, when the merciless killing would end. People asked, can one People asked, can one communicate with the dead?

Are the angels on the side of the British? Can black cat amulets and lucky shillings avert bombs and bullets? Can the fate of nations be foretold in the stars? After their miraculous escape from the German military juggernaut in the small Belgian town of Mons in , many British soldiers really did believe that they had been saved by angels. On the home front, the number of spiritualist meetings in the United Kingdom increased dramatically.

While the Society for Psychical Research set out to discover the truth of such events, W. Yeats entertained his fellow members of the Ghost Club with stories of his own experiences. From apparitions on the battlefield to the popular boom in spiritualism as the horrors of industrialised warfare reaped their terrible harvest, the paranormal — and, significantly, its use in propaganda — was one of the key aspects of the First World War.

Famous as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would also lose a son and many other close relatives during these terrible years. One of the foremost scientists of the day, Sir Oliver Lodge, would be similarly stricken by loss and like Doyle would also champion spiritualism, writing one of the most persuasive books on the existence of life after death.

Based on original sources and archival research, the story told here is the very human one of people forced to look beyond the apparent certainties of the everyday; it is a story that still challenges those certainties today. View on amazon. Save to Library. A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting more. From the publisher's website: A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting leads the reader through the full process of ghost hunting as well as providing a full history of those that have.

There has been an upsurge in books, television programmes, There has been an upsurge in books, television programmes, films and websites exploring the reality or otherwise of the spirit world. Not since the founding of The Ghost Club in and the Society for Psychical Research in has ghost hunting been so popular.

Television and the internet, in particular, have fueled this new level of interest, creating a modern media phenomenon that spans the globe. But while the demand for information is high, good information remains scarce. A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting leads us through the process of ghost hunting, from initially weighing the first report, to choosing equipment, and investigating and identifying the phenomena, with an analysis of the best places to go looking, methods of contacting the spirit world, how to explain paranormal activity and, crucially, how to survive the encounter.

However, it is also a book about ghost hunting itself, drawing on years of research in the cavernous archives of the Society for Psychical Research and even older history to find the earliest ghost stories. A Ghost Hunting Survey makes use of interviews with those billing themselves as ghost hunters to find out their views, motivations and experiences.

New and original research makes use of statistics to map the nebulous world of apparitions while a Preliminary Survey of Hauntings offers an analysis of reported phenomena from locations across the UK. This is, as far as possible, an objective presentation of ghosts and ghost hunting. It is no wonder that mainstream science largely refuses to deal with the subject: it is too complicated.

Without trying to convince you of any viewpoint, this book is intended to help you understand more. Reviews reviews "With so many ghost hunting guides available on the market, how does the aspiring ghost hunter know where to start?

The answer is here, in Dr Leo Ruickbie"s no-nonsense and down-to-earth book, which is both an engaging read and a practical guide. If you have ever considered setting out to find a ghost you could do no better than take your information from the pages of this fascinating work, which is a textbook example of how it should be done. Enjoyable and intriguing as well as exceptionally interesting. A Brief Guide to Ghost Hunting delivers more than most other ghost guides combined.

All will learn from it. Ghosts , Cultural History Of Ghosts , History of psychical research and parapsychology , Apparitions , and History of psychical research. A Brief Guide to the Supernatural more. From the publisher's website: The perfect introduction to the world of all things eerie, inexplicable and otherworldly.

From Most Haunted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from Underworld to Twilight, from Doom to Resident Evil, The Brief Guide to the Supernatural goes in search of the unearthly with unexpected results; combining history, science, psychology and myth he explores the allure of the paranormal - why so many people still believe in ghosts and angels - as well as the many ways people have tried to contact and record the impossible.

It really is. In your town. In your street. Maybe in your own home. The weird and inexplicable happens to ordinary people somewhere in the world every single day. Before you go in search of it, though, you will need a guide.

How lucky for you that you have this excellent one in your hands. A Brief Guide to the Supernatural is the perfect introduction to the world of all things eerie, inexplicable and otherworldly, whether you seek spirits, demons or angelic audience, this book gives an entertaining and informative overview equally suited to the experienced or amateur spook spotter. Exciting, enjoyable and thought-provoking. Packed with interesting and intriguing ideas. Lionel Fanthorpe, President of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and author of over books It is a pleasure to read such a well-researched and documented guide to the major fields of interest in the paranormal, covering how we have experienced different phenomena and entity contacts, and how we have attempted to understand and explain them.

Dr Leo Ruickbie has created a work of tremendous value to readers and researchers alike. View on constablerobinson. From the publisher's website: Five hundred years ago the legend was born of a man who sold his soul to the Devil for power, wealth and women. It is a legend that has inspired genius and still inspires high art and popular culture It is a legend that has inspired genius and still inspires high art and popular culture alike.

Around the world there are hundreds of nightly performances of Goethe's Faust, as well as actual attempts at soul-selling on eBay. Faustus has rightly been described as an 'icon of modern culture.

Faustus is the real story behind the legend. It is the story of a sixteenth-century scandal, of a man who claimed mastery of the forbidden magical arts and dared to rival the miracles attributed to Jesus. He evoked uproar and was accused of heinous crimes. But Faustus was not a charlatan; nor was he in league with the Devil. To find the real Faustus is to find the true history of his age, and Leo Ruickbe expertly takes the reader on a tour of war-torn Italy, Reformation Wittenberg and the magnificence of Charles V's court.

The life of the legend becomes as real as any living person. The result is a work of meticulous scholarship that can be read as a gripping page-turner. Investigating the lures and dangers of astrology, magic, and devil pacts, Leo Ruickbie succeeds in reconstructing the events that reflect the birth and progress of the Faustian myth, and the man behind it.

More Info: The History Press, This thesis attempts to solve a problem within current explanations of modern Witchcraft and, more broadly, neo-Paganism. Witchcraft has been described as an example of re-enchantment, but re-enchantment itself is either inadequately Witchcraft has been described as an example of re-enchantment, but re-enchantment itself is either inadequately explained or used in an unscientific and sociologically unsatisfactory manner. This thesis undertakes the formulation of an explicit theory of re-enchantment and directly tests it on a sample drawn from the neo-Pagan community.

This thesis asks what is re-enchantment and can Witchcraft be seen as an example of it? The wider social significance of Witchcraft is located within the context of Weberian disenchantment and can be seen as contributing to our understanding of the social forces at work in late modernity. Witchcraft Out of the Shadows more. From the publisher's website: This complete history of witchcraft from Ancient Greece to the present day charts the rise and development of witchcraft and the modern witchcraft religion of Wicca.

Today witchcraft is on everyone's lips, Today witchcraft is on everyone's lips, on television, film and in literature, but few know, or are even able to guess at, its shadowy history. This in-depth investigation discovers how the ideas we have about witchcraft took shape thousands of years ago in the myths and religions of the ancient world.

It looks at why these ideas were expressed so violently during the era of the witch trials. Finally, it reveals how witchcraft has been transformed into one of the most radical and fastest growing religions of our age - a religion of equality and compassion that still has the power to unsettle even the bravest amongst us.

With new analyses, fresh insights and previously unpublished material drawn from the author's doctoral research into the mysticism, magic and social meaning of Wicca, this is the first book to bring witchcraft fully out of the shadows.

More Info: Robert Hale, After the table levitated, what hapened next? View on peterlang. Following recent correspondence, Dr Leo Ruickbie writes up a previously unreported case of a 'vision' experienced during the First World War.

Publication Date: Publication Name: Mindfield. The 'witch' branding of children in the UK, particularly London, is on the increase. This paper seeks to understand the motivations and dynamics of this new form of witchcraft persecution.

More Info: Paranthropology, Vol. View on paranthropologyjournal.


Leo Ruickbie

He is the author of several books on witchcraft, magic and the supernatural. His published articles, covering such subjects as theories of magic, the historical development of personalised conceptions of evil, folk beliefs in the external soul and the representation of angels in modern media, show his broad interest in the history and sociology of belief and anomalous phenomena. His work has been mentioned in the media from The Guardian to Radio Jamaica and he has appeared on television in programmes such as Mysteries at the Castle. In he was appointed editor of the Paranormal Review , the magazine of the Society for Psychical Research. Moreman ed. Register with the Parapsychological Association website to participate in the discussion, or sign in if you already have an account. The Parapsychological Association is an international professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of psi or 'psychic' experiences, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, psychic healing, and precognition.


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So for anyone who has ever wished that dragons and unicorns were real, for anyone who believes that they are, and for anyone who peruses bestiaries with unbridled joy, this magical, mystical, and truly memorable book is definitely for you - and for me! Here you will find the things that once made the woods wild and the nights to be feared; that made ancient map-makers write, 'Here be Dragons'. The Impossible Zoo is a biology of the supernatural - a study of the life of things that never lived. This world of mermaids and unicorns, now confined to fantasy, but once believed to exist, is a world of the imagination that still affects us today. Wonderfully illustrated throughout, it also provides sources as a guide to further study and exploration. The results are truly fascinating.


A Brief Guide to the Supernatural

Leo Ruickbie is an historian and sociologist of religion , specializing in paranormal beliefs , magic , witchcraft and Wicca. He is the author of several books, beginning with Witchcraft Out of the Shadows , [1] a publication outlining the history of witchcraft from ancient Greece until the modern day. Ruickbie was born in Scotland and took a master's degree in Sociology and Religion at the University of Lancaster. Witchcraft Out of the Shadows begins with a survey of historical influences from classical times, northern European paganism, and medieval and early modern Europe. It then describes the roots of modern neopagan witchcraft in groups such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and individuals such as Aleister Crowley and Doreen Valiente. Particularly important is the critical analysis of the claims made by Gerald Gardner about Wicca , as well as a detailed discussion of the liturgical content of Gardner's Ye Bok of Ye Art Magical and its sources.

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