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New App with new design for Ramadan The best app forPrayertimes. Click Sharebuttonto share the prayer times for your city on Facebook, Twitter,Emailand many more platforms.

We hope this app was useful to you. Send usyour feedback at feedback kookydroidapps. We would lovetohear from you. Ads are not visible inthescreenshots.

Al-Moazin prayer times application, is a must have companion forallMuslims. With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even ifyoutraveled to a totally new country. GPS integration feature willhelpyou get accurate prayer times wherever you are on earth! Paidversion only You don't need to ask anyone for Qibladirectionanymore. Applicationis equippedwith a Hijri Calendar to be able to display and checkdates inHijri or convert Hijri to Gregorian dates and vise versa.

Follow Mefeature will initiate an automatic location update whenyou travelor change location. Paid version only Multiple setofnotifications related to Prayer times to plan whatever actionsyouneed related to Prayer times before or after. Ramadan is coming! Do you know when does Ramadan start?

When is the first day of Fasting? Looking foranassistant to remind you daily Islamic duties? Muslim Assistantisan Islamic app for all Muslims worldwide. Muslim Assistant, alarms Muslims from all over theworld of thetime of Azan and helps Muslims to find Qibla. Thedirection ofKaaba in Mecca Makkah is pointed out with an arrow onthe map.

The app arranges prayer times according to the City andCountry,automatically or manually of the choice. You can listento Quranrecitations and make Dhikrs with the Dhikr Counter as well. Withthe Qibla Compass, you can find Mecca on the map and can setAzanalarm for prayer times. WithMuslimAssistant, Qibla and Prayer app, you can use Qibla Findereven inoffline mode with the help of its compass feature and Youcanperform salat according to Islamic rules. And youcan snooze the alarm to perform salat later.

You can find Ramadan Imsakiyah to see iftarandsuhour times. Ifitis necessary, you can manually re-arrange your location bypressingthe marker. May Allah bless usall! Itwillautomatically calculate Namaz time for every Prayer five timein aday on your cell phone, namaz time is with azan alarm will tellyouAccurate Time for More than hundred and 20, cities arealsoincluded.

This app will show the correcttiming forPrayers. Adhan Adan salah salat namaz prayer azan timefor pakistanazan time karachi azan time lahore azan time rawalpindiazan timeislamabad azan time multan azan time peshawar azan timeindia namaztiming in lahore ahle sunnat wal jamat namaz timecalendar pakistan namaz timing in islamabad. Auto Azan Alarm 2.

The main purposeofthis App Auto Azan Alarm is to show Salaat times accordingtoyour exact location and alarmed it, so the core function of Appisaccessing exact location for calculating Salaat times, withoutthiscore function, App will not perform according to theirmainpurpose. So for that App will use user device location fortwopurpose, first is for calculating exact time of Salaat accordingtouser current location, and second is for Qibla direction. The App should never request location permissions fromusers forthe sole purpose of advertising or analytics.

It consistsof simpleinterface with lot of features, first of all it willdetect yourlocation auto and calculate the prayers timing accordingto yourarea. You have an option to select location manually. Secondmainfeature is an option of Asr Prayer Juristic Setting, there aretwooption, one is Shafii and second one is Hanfi, there is alittlebit difference of timing of Asr Prayer, so select the optionwhichone is best suit you.

Third feature is an option of HighLatitudeSetting, Azan times adjust according to your area latitude,inhigher latitudes area times may be incorrect. During summermonths,One seventh method produces Fajr time later than Anglebasedmethod, other option is Mid Night. In this App you have anoptionto chose time format, two option is their, one is 12hrs andsecondone is 24hrs. By default Azan is playing during prayers time,whereuser have an option to play any ring tune in their device andalsoplay random ring tune.

Their is an option of acceding volume,whichwill play azan or ring tune initially with slow volume andincreasevolume slowly every ten second to gently wake you up. Apphas anoption of Ramzan Alarm, you can select the timing beforeSuhoor oriftar to notify you with alarm. It is a userfriendlyand simple Application so every one can batter understanditeasily.

So Please use it and pray Namaz and don't forget tosharewith your friends. Athan by IslamicFinder is the most trusted prayertimeapp by millions of Muslims worldwide with accurate Salahtimes. Athan is the best prayer time app among all Islamic apps andalsoincludes features like Mosque finder to find the nearestmosques,Qibla finder to get accurate Qibla direction and Islamiccalendar to track Islamic events, Hajj Guide and Umrah guide inAthanapp.

Enable autosettings to get the mostaccurate Muslim prayer times for yourlocation. Prayer Times — Ramadan Calendar 7. Muslims to find kiblah direction andseeprayers times around the world.

Sehri time and iftartime Ramadhan calendar for all Muslims in the world. You can also easily manually edit thelocation andcheck prayer timings and Kiblah direction from any partof theworld. Best new Prayer TimesandKiblah direction app most popular prayers time application intheworld. Kiblah Direction This Kiblahdirection finder appcan automatically detect the current directionanywhere. Muslimprayers times and kiblahdirection app in which most popular featureIslamic calendar Isvery useful feature for our Islamic and Muslimcommunity todetermine the proper days of all Islamic months.

Itcontain allIslamic months with specific information. Also,FridayNotification has been included. Notification time can beadjustedin setting panel. AutoSilentMode For users if forget to silent mobile in Mosque. The current time and remaining timeforthe next prayer is mentioned. Gives you the accurate prayertimingsbased on your current location.

Sun locator andMoonlocator. T Solution, Pvt. This app supports a large Prayer calculation methodsadoptedby many Muslim countries. Depending on your location,theapplication choose the appropriate calculation method, Fiqhischooland Adhan. The app has also a feature of Azan reminderforeach prayer time , which can bring prayer discipline in yourbusylife. For an accurate localization, please ensure thatyourlocation settings and your Internet connection or your GPSareenabled!

Jornal Record 4. Ramadan 9. This app is specially dedicated to Muslim BrothersandSisters. Ramdan which is also known as Ramzan is aninthmonth of Muslim Calendar. Its the holy month in Islam becauseQuranwas revealed in this month.

Muslims fast for days inthismonth and pay their duty as it is is regarded as one of theFivePillars of Islam. You can use ramadan times app after eid alfitrtoo. So App can be use ramadan companionwithoutinternet too. E-mail: rajkm gmail. Note: -As Prayer Direction and Prayer times vary fromdifferent part ofthe world. Make sure first by selecting differentNamaz timecalculation methods in the setting screen.

Prayer Times: Azan Alarm,Qibla 2. Thisappprovides Islamic prayer times Waktu Solat and the directiontothe Qibla wherever you are in the world. Best Muslim companionappfor the Muslims all around the world which helps them stay ontopof your prayers by providing timely prayer alerts. We provideyouan useful Islamic prayer times application that will keepyouinformed about the exact hours of Salat throughout the year.

Italso acts as useful tool for finding the accurate Qibladirection. Prayer Times with Azan alarm also helps you to achieveprayerdiscipline in your busy life schedule by providing a best waytotrack your payers. Accurate prayer times depending on yourlocationsettings, appropriate calculation methods and Juristic inIslam. Note: - As Prayer Direction and Prayer times varyfromdifferent part of the world. Make sure first by selectingdifferentprayer time calculation methods in the setting screen.

Make sure there is not any electromagnetic fieldand metal objectsclose to device. Prayer and Fasting ismostimportant pillar of Islam. Becausewe aresome other places and we don't know the Qibla direction thisapphelp you to find correct direction. Ramadan is theholiest and mostawaited Islamic month. It is also considered as oneof thesignificant pillars of Islam.

Muslims across the worldcelebratethis with much devotion and sincerity. During this holymonth,Muslims fast and reflect spiritually. From dawn to dust,those whohave physical capability are required to observe fasting. ButRamadan is not just about fasting.


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