From The Sannyas Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Quality: good under revision. We would like to hear from you today something about his philosophy, the spiritual discipline and the way of worship that he taught to dispel the delusion of a single person, Arjuna.

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Lectures and Discourses 3. Early tape-recorded Lectures 4. Manuscripts 5. Collection of long-playing Records etc. Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic 7. Discourses and Books on Indian Spiritual Traditions 9. References to Selected Topics Books I Have Loved Letters and diary Extremist of Study and Great Lover of Books. Chapter 9 Activities of Neo-Sannyas International Indian and International Quotes and Comments on Osho. The Ranch in Oregon, U.

Imprisonment and poisoning. Kulu Manali. World Tour. Poona Two. Samadhi Not unexpectedly some uncertainties may occur. Revolution in Education W H 4 A Gathering of Friends W H H Early Talks W H 3 A New Dimension 1 Inward Revolution 1 Abu I Am the Gate 1 Abu Inward Revolution 10 W H Abu The Way of Tao 2.

Abu The Book of Secrets 1. W Abu The Book of Secrets 4. Abu The Book of Secrets 5. The Book of Secrets 5. Yoga: The Alpha and Omega 1. Based on: 1.

Osho Archives. Osho Research Library, Poona. Listing in letter from Arvind Kumar Jain Works of Rajneesh in Chronological Order by Naymesh. All lectures are in Hindi, some with parts in English when indicated.

The record is not comprehensive and contains most likely information which may turn out to be not valid. See also: Osho Discourses on Sannyas wiki. A : Audiotape preserved. Ranakpur camp. A — Dhyan Darshan. Mahabaleshwar camp. Lecture at Family Planning Centre, Jabalpur. Lecture in Jabalpur. Sharadagraam camp. Sharada Mandir, Ahmedabad.

Matheran camp. December A — Bharat Ka Bhavishya. Ajol camp. A — Paramparaon Se Mukti. Cross Maidan, Bombay. Nargol camp. Town Hall, Jabalpur. Opera House, Bombay. Question and Answers. Shiksha Men Kranti Revolution in Education. Lecture to the students at N. A — India and the Young Generation.

Junagadh camp. A — Bharat Ke Sadhu Sant. Bombay University. A — Where are the Gandhians? A — Mahaveer Meri Drishti Mein. A — Asambhav Kranti. Dwarka camp. A — Prabhu Ki Pagdandiyaan. A — Karuna Aur Kranti. Lecture at Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur. Lecture at G. Estate Community Hall. Talk and Answer to a question asked by Dr. Bijlani Ji D. In Hindi with a Portion in English. A — Kya Hai Marg? Gyan, Bhakti ya Karm. A — Naye Samaj Ki Khoj. A — Samajvaad Se Saavdhan.

Nargol camp and Bombay. The Man and His philosophy. A — Samajwad Se Savdhaan. A — Panch Maha Vrut. A — Geeta Darshan. Nov-Dec, starting A — Main Kehata Ankhan Dekhi. A — Tao Upanishad. A — Jyotish: Adwait Ka Vigyan. A — Pragatisheel Kaun. A — Atma Pooja Upanishad. A — Mahaveer Vaani. Mable Collins. Abu camp. Feb-Jul


Finding Your Own Way

Lectures and Discourses 3. Early tape-recorded Lectures 4. Manuscripts 5. Collection of long-playing Records etc. Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic 7.


Osho Books

Here is Buddha alive, relevant, scientific in insight, and very human. Far from being just a statue, here Buddha is an amazing human being so far ahead of his time that even now he is only just beginning to be more widely understood. You need not believe at all. You need not believe in God, you need not believe in the soul, you need not believe in anything — still you can be with Buddha, and by and by you will come to know about the soul and about God also. But those are not hypotheses. No belief is required to travel with Buddha.


Osho hindi discourses part 3

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Krishna: Mari Drashtie


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