You can read it here:. In the middle of March the corona virus epidemic broke out in Hungary as well and with a bit of exaggeration we can say that life has stopped. The online blikk. You can just read his answers in a short interview here:. It came out just now in its cultural column in print and online as well.

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The talk is the official event of budapestdesignweek Come and join! A purse bag for night out, boho bag, party, festival, event or Sunday brunch is good idea, a little bit vintage but still hit your style. This macrame clutch bag will be a perfect gift for fashion lover, vegan people, or a gift for her in this christmas. Please email for me as soon as to make sure I can deliver on time for christmas. Size: 20cm x 22xm. Each piece is completely handmade by me, to give you a unique product and cared for in every detail.

It made of recycled T-shirt yarn soft and has excellent quality. Perfect jewel to wear by day and evening. Who wants a new clutch? You do! These lovelies will be available in limited numbers on the wampdesignfair in December! I used like every time recycled cotton which do not harm the environment nor your health. I am really excited to be taking part on my first Hungarian design markets. The fine harmony of natural dyes in the garments and accessories created meticulously using traditional dyeing techniques embodies a natural, sustainable, slow and conscious attitude.

The minimization of environmental impact, supporting local resources and social sensitivity are all key considerations during the design and manufacturing process. For more information of the Hungarian sustainable design follow my hashtag and use if you feel responsibility for the future ; sustainablehungary. Check our programs and make the registrations. What are Ethical, Sustainable, and Slow Fashion?

Both of these terms are also related to Slow Fashion and its components such as buying vintage clothes, buying from local producers, repurposing old garments, and making clothes at home. Instead, I chose the term sustainable and responsible because we have a choice, every single day that we wake up to, of what we can put into the world. So, we chose to make compromises every day, we chose to make our products with our eyes open instead of arbitrarily in hope for better environments in the world we live in.

ENG below! It's aim profile is to promote slow fashion and to investigate the present in order to design for the future. The garments call for supporters of natural femininity. For women who want to express and to represent their conscious lifestyle through dressing. What did I do or would I do after the Camino de Santiago? Although not by foot but I am moving back to Helsinki open my contemporary design exhibition and I hope I can bring closer to people and help make them more sustainable and relatable to everyday life.

The goal that brought us together was the desire to do something for a sustainable future, as designers. We are committed to conscious design. Our motivation is to create products for you, that can be recycled. The concept was to implement the most important segments of green life into design aspects.

The best way to manage waste is not to produce waste at all so the cutting of the clothes is managed in a way so that no waste is left after producing them. This discovery lead into founding the brand Paper Up! And the best part — all Paper Up! Today started the budapestdesignweek! Every day I'll recommend you a program, picked by myself ; There is a long-long-long list, and hard to choose only one.

Exhibitions all across the world exhibition grifon zlatnoperobiennale zlatnopero hiiibrand belgradedeasignweek budapestdesignhet budapestdesignweek in Serbia, Hungary, China jelenadrobac jelenadrobacdesign muzejprimenjenihumetnosti muzejprimenjeneumetnostibeograd znakovito. Details of Design Week designhet colours decor. Thank you for the photo to milanracmolnar at budapestdesignweek.

They are so cool! Come and check :!


Kiskegyed Otthona

A 56m 2 dilapidated one bedroom flat has been turned into a two bedroom stylish apartment ideal for short or long term renting. The brief was to create a spacious living-dining area in industrial vintage style that separates two intim bedrooms. It needed a total rethink of functions to suit modern living. New colours and new finishes have transformed it to a much loved large family home.



A website is like one big puzzle. The final effect depends on how precisely the separate pieces fit together. In its study, ISOWQ breaks down a web page into these pieces, and analyses each component separately. Information about possible risks is very important for the website owner as they will be able to take appropriate steps to rectify the problem.


Home Space Design


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