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Call Forwarding Unconditional to V Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Intracom netMod No related manuals.

Summary of Contents for Intracom netMod Page 1 ' s m a n u a l Page 6 Figure 2: Connections of NT1 type devices Page 8: Introduction Figure 1. Page 9: Netcon 17 and 18 respectively. These jacks are the S-Interface S-bus ports of the device.

These jacks are the analogue ports ab1 and ab2 of the device. Wall mounting is achieved through the two mounting points, located on the back side of netMod the distance between the two mounting points is 10cm , as shown in the next figure.

By using these switches, the subscriber can define the desired settings. Description not connected Figure 8.

Description not connected not connected Ring not connected Signalling and data on the S-bus are transferred transparently through the netMod. These subscriber numbers are assigned and partitioned from netMod to the analogue ports ab1 and ab2 and to the serial port. The incoming call is placed in a waiting state for a certain time period and the subscriber Note that if the CLIP service is available to the subscriber, netMod initially allows the forwarding of the calling subscriber number through FSK signalling, to the called subscriber terminal device connected to the analogue ports ab1 and ab2.

The following keys combinations are valid, only when the user is a subscriber of the CLIR service in a call-by-call basis. The subscriber should have the proper equipment in order to convert the metering pulses into an optical indication. The subscriber has to assign MSN numbers to the analogue ports of netMod to make the call diversion service functional. Call Forwarding Unconditional CFU When the Call Forwarding Unconditional service is activated, all incoming calls that refer to subscriber number of the called subscriber, are forwarded to another pre-selected number destination.

When a netMod port is busy, all incoming calls that concern a subscriber number MSN of the called subscriber port, are forwarded to another pre-selected number destination. Call Forwarding on No Reply CFNR In case of no answer in an incoming call for an subscriber number, the call is diverted to another pre-selected number destination. Page Call Forwarding Unconditional to Voice Mail When the Call Forwarding Unconditional to Voice Mail function is activated, all incoming calls that refer to a certain terminal are forwarded unconditionally to a Voice Mail box of the Operator if the service is available.

This feature is ideal when you have not MSN numbers available or programmed in netMod. We can program that only one POTS will be ringing at incoming calls. Page Distinctive Ringing Pause ms Polarity Reverse With the activation of this function, netMod will reverse the polarity of each POTS port, when the connected telephone device answers or releases a telephone call. This functionality is provided only on the POTS ports and should be supported from the connected telephone device.

The detailed description and use of these services is provided by the For the best use of terminal devices connected to netMod, attention must be given when using supplementary services, during establishment, duration or answer of a call.

An audio tone is generated when this service is active and can interrupt the transmission of a FAX or the connection of an analogue modem. When the analogue or the data ports have no MSN numbers assigned, they accept any call netMod does not make any comparison of numbers.

When the device connected to the S-bus has no MSN numbers For the correct installation of the USB driver, please follow exactly the previous described procedure. Support and serial connection specifically for netMod use. Therefore, it may not be available in all countries. The old simple dial-up account will not operate. If all the above steps have been followed correctly your computer will soon be connected to the Internet and you will be able to run a WWW browser, an FTP File Transfer Protocol program or any other Internet application.

Before you activate this service, it is important to be registered as Internet subscriber at kbps, and to be sure that the ISP supports connection with the use of the ML-PPP protocol. Adjust the communication parameters to bps 8N1 with hardware flow control and use the protocol XMODEM to load the firmware as a send file procedure.

A basic requirement to achieve this communication is that the other device has to use one of the communication protocols that netMod uses. To do so you can use the Find Computer on the Start menu. Page Transparent Modes The only difference is that these data will be transparently transferred by netMod. Only CRC inspection is done in each packet. When an error is found, the packet is rejected. Page Data Transparent Mode It does not accept calls with speech or 3.

Use this mode for direct communication with another netMod that also uses this mode. Use a simple communication program like Hyper Terminal. You can not use this mode for communication with other modems. Each command starts with the AT prefix and then follows the main command body that states which function has to be performed. Page Extended At! The number specified will be used as the calling party number while dialling in the outgoing SETUP message.

This means that when we restart the system the values in the S-Registers are the factory pre-set values. Page Calling Line Identification Restriction Clir Your number will not appear on the device of the called subscriber when calling from the ab2 port. The distance of m is achieved for a cable of 0.

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Intracom netMod User Manual

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Intracom netMod Manuals


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