Quick Browse:. It's not often that you see this in the 24" sector, but HP have broken from the current trend of producing cheaper TN Film based displays, and have introduced a rare IPS based model into the market. IPS based screens are proving popular amongst enthusiasts out there, and have long been the choice of photography professionals and those looking for a screen for colour critical work. Display, the LMWU4. On a quick note, HP list this screen as being S-IPS based on their website, but close inspection of the pixel structure reveals the pixel orientation to be vertical, and characteristic of the latest H-IPS generation. Ultimately they are IPS matrices, just with different naming schemes depending on structure and generation.

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Thanks to fully adjustable design, you can tilt, pivot or swivel the monitor effortlessly for improved comforts and productivity. Get the HP LPw today and add flair to your desktop system. Overall Review: I bought this monitor new in December and have been using it heavily since then.

Overall, I've been pretty happy with it. At the time, it had pretty much everything I was looking for in a monitor - panel, IPS, lots of inputs was especially excited with DisplayPort , and "professional" aesthetics. Since then, it's worked pretty well, aside from a couple of issues: 1.

I was expecting to have to send mine back first, so that was a pleasant surprise. It was somewhat difficult to track down the phone number for HP's business display support though. The replacement one has occasional issues powering up and acquiring a signal on the DisplayPort input. Turning the monitor off and on again fixes it. One thing that is both a plus and minus with this monitor is that it uses wide-gamut CCFL backlighting.

That helps it have a great range of colors, but can make non wide-gamut aware stuff look oversaturated. You may want to use a calibrator to clamp down on that if it's an issue I recommend getting one anyway. I went with a more entry-level Pantone Huey Pro and had decent results. Plus, you can calibrate as many monitors as you want with one! By default, the monitor is set to display very brightly. For me, it was uncomfortable to look at, and the surface of the panel was quite warm.

I mostly used the calibrated settings from the TFT Central review I highly recommend reading it , with the brightness turned up slightly to It dropped power consumption from w down to around , with a corresponding drop in surface temperatures.

I doubt many will read this review, both for it being a wall of text and being for an EOL monitor, but if you come across one for a decent price, you won't be disappointed. Overall Review: More than 1 year after the purchase and I'm still happy camper. I only had to part with it to upgrade to the newer ZRw. Was hard to part with it after so much time but it didn't leave the household wife uses it.

This monitor has both fast response time and little input lag for a IPS monitor. The colors are fantastic once you learn how to use color correction as this is a wide gamut monitor. Easily beats every screen I have seen in person to date other than some nifty dollar screens and even then it is so close that the added cost doesn't make them worth it for my purposes. The input options are fantastic as well, I have several pieces of equipment hooked up to my primary LPW bought two.

I primarily use it for gaming and my father has used them extensively for photo editing. We are both quite positive these are some of the best monitors money can buy. But I noticed that with any TFT panel, now over a year later I would be hard pressed to notice the lag between this and a fast 2ms TN type panel.

Granted my CRT arguably still feels a tiny bit quicker. The only other thing I could complain about is the IPS white glow effect. Which is when viewing from wide angles the screen gets a "white glow" to it which appears like back light bleeding. This is normal for IPS monitors and only the super high end IPS displays have polarizing filters that eliminate it they look amazing but you also pay a huge premium to get that filter.

TLDR; this monitor doesn't have any issues worth complaining about. Hands down the best monitor I have seen to date for the money. Pros: I have had this monitor for over three years and it is an amazing monitor.

This monitor has been rated higher than the vaunted Dell U by professional reviewers. It is just that good. It is a durable monitor and has held up well.

I have never had a problem with it - not a single one. Once you adjust it, it almost competes with Samsung HDTVs in picture quality which is in itself amazing because it does not have a video processing chip - I watch TV on the Make sure that you use it with a high end GPU or you won't see what it can do. I had an ATI and the picture quality suffered. I built a new computer with ATI and what a difference.

It is unbelievable. You must have a quality video card in order to get the full benefit of this monitor - a cheap one will disappoint you. Cons: I can't think of any cons. I thought that by now this monitor would not be cutting edge, but it is still one of the best monitors available.

LED and 3D monitors just don't have the same quality. Oh there is one small con. The panel has a slight glow when it is all black and in dark scenes. This is because of the construction of all HIPS monitors and is not limited to the It really is not all that noticeable but the black level is not as good a high-end HDTV.

NEC is supposed to have solved this issue, but again the competing monitor costs more than twice as much. This monitor has zero back-light bleed. This is a faint glow over all of the screen. It also has great black and grey levels - some of the best. Overall Review: To sum up. It is an exceptional monitor. Pros: IPS panel plethora of inputs adjustable stand including swivel 8 port usb hub excellent warranty see below.

Overall Review: i purchased this monitor late right after release and it ran solid for a good 18 months mainly being used for video and photo editing. Pros: Awesome screen with great reproduction. Easy to use controls for PIP, etc. Pros: Color rendition is excellent. Brightness is ridiculous but can be toned down to a good level. Build quality and attention to detail are very good.

Having a full pixel height is nice compared to most of the TV-spec panels out there for cheaper. Color adjustment controls built-in are quite good, and allow for very good color matching. Colors don't shift although brightness goes down when viewing off-angle. Stand is stable and easily adjustable through a large range of motion. Matte surface doesn't reflect ambient light like a gloss surface would. USB hub ports are fiddly to reach without actually peering around the bezel.

The stand is enormously deep -- good place to stick the laptop a 15" MacBook Pro , but pretty annoying if I were using a desktop computer.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor for graphics and photography use, and am generally very pleased with it. This monitor didn't show any real jump in quality, beyond being a bit better at viewing off-angle. Pros: I had to take a minute to praise the HP tech support. I purchased this monitor in September of and it recently went out on me and quit working. I called the HP Customer support number provided on the NewEgg site and on day two a new monitor was delivered to me.

Granted, the monitor should not have gone bad so soon, but for the company to provide such excellent support and stand behind their product will keep me coming back for more and recommending them to everyone.

The quality of the monitor is awesome and I am happy I made the purchase. As far as I am concerned if a company will stand behind their product and provide such quick service you can't go wrong doing business with them Overall Review: I use this monitor on a dedicated video editing system and am very happy with it. The following guidelines apply to all product categories unless otherwise indicated within specific categories.

Back To Combo. The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality. Back To Top. Withou Stand: 13 lbs. Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information.

Return Policies Return for refund within: 30 days Return for replacement within: 30 days This item is covered by Newegg. Nick W. Did you find this review helpful?

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HP LP2475w – 24in H-IPS LCD Monitor Review

Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Dell kick-started the market for premium yet affordable 24in monitors with its PVA-based FPW , the first monitor of its ilk to offer full adjustability, multiple AV inputs and decent image fidelity at a reasonable price. Too good to be true? Out of the box the monitor comes in two parts: the screen and stand.


HP LP2475w Specs

This moderately priced display hits all the right buttons. One of the biggest decisions you may have to make when setting up this display is which of the myriad connectors to use. The LPw also sports an extremely flexible design allowing you to pivot, rotate and adjust the height of the screen. The LPw has an anti-glare screen and a slim, dark gray bezel with clearly marked and easily accessible buttons on the front bottom right of the screen. The menu system for the built-in controls is well organized, easy to use, and offers some interesting features like setting times for the display to automatically go to sleep and the option to turn off the small green power light on the front of the screen, which I guess could annoy some folks.


HP LP2475w

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