The dedicated Walkthrough charts the critical path through the main narrative. It also provides regular prompts and tips to direct players to side quests and other optional features within the game world. The Tour Guide chapter includes one section per game location in each time period. This complements the Walkthrough by examining all optional activities offered in the game side quests, mini-games, puzzles and power-levelling spots. This covers even the most complex topics such as character development in a thorough, yet user-friendly way.

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X III. With tine drffnrlty levels. This is jX"ecisely where this guide comes in. With so many things to be accomplished and urcovered inagameworldteemingwith opportll'lrtres. It is encyclopedic. Our longtimepartr. I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the world of Nova Chrysalia, and I trust that this guide will help you enjoy every last moment of our game to its fullest. P rimer.

Wa lkthrough. Main Q uests. Side Q uests. Canvas of Praye r s. Ferai Creatures. Other Items. Key Items. Recovery Items. Schema Parameters. Status Effects. Battle Score. Advanced Mechanics. Equipment Modification. Schemata Setups. U ltima. Wa lkthroug h. Ext ras. Soul Seeds. Raodom Collectibles. This chapter provides step-by-step guidance for the five main. Primerchapter page2DI. Walkthroughchapter page54 Hereyouwillfindagradualandaccessibleprogressionplanin.

Guide Contents Overview. Broadlyspeaking,themainchaptersofthisguidebeloogtooneofthreecateg ies. Ma i n Quests : Map-based. Side Quests: Concisemap-basedsolutionsforallsidequests. Wltl'l detarls on their availabilityconditions. Of experiencedplayers. Side Quests and Canvas of Prayers chapt!

IS have at-a-glance solutrons for the corresponding missions. A single look at our. Bestiarychapter lpage If you struggleagarnst an enemy, the Bestiary offers you complete coverage of all monsters.

You can find a complete directory ofallcreatUiesatthebegrmrngoftheBestraryitself. UltimeWalkthroughchapter page Afteratleastoneinrtialplaythrough,theUitimaWalktluoughwill helpyouachrevea"perfect"playtllfough. All in-depth look at the many systems that underpin the playing experrence. Here yoo will find details on any lrl l hies or Achievements missing in your collection. Whenever you require an answer to a particular questron.

Whefe can I find help? Wherecanlfindhelpoochapter4 Whe re can I find hel p on a main story mission on the Final Day? WherecanlfindassistancefortheluxerionCanvasofPrayers QI. Where can I find details on Adornments? Where can I find details on Components? Though she was being used as a pawnbythegods. INhen her life seemed her O'M1 again.

Shewas chosen as the one warrior who would fight to protecthumanrty'sfate. Chaos flooded the world. But now the final days of the world havtl arrived. Heisthealmightygod,Bhunivtllze,andhetasks her wnh a new duty. Her final role in humanity"s historywillbeaslhesaviorofsouls. It was Bhunivelze who called to lightning,! The Destruction of the Old World.

But thatjoumeyendedindisaster. The goddess. Creating a. New World. Bhunivelzewillusethesoulsofthesavedto populate his new world. For that purpose. Suuoundedbydeathand destruction. Thesepeoplewillnotberebom in the new world; therr only late is to wander loreverinthemireoftheChaosCuttllemffee fromtlleregretsandgnefsthatbindthemand lrghtningwillsavethemforthenewworfd. Bydealingwiththeseunhappyindividuals,the savior will build a relationship with them and lightentheirhearts,grantrngthemtherightto bereincarnatedinthenextWOI'Id.

Ooingsowill help the savior as well. Remaining Time. Theworldhasnearlyreacheditsend;thelast few days now slipping away from humanity But the saviorcangiveherownenergy-her Eradia- to buy more trme for the world. Thirteendaysisthelimrttohowfarthistime can be extended. On the thirteenth day after lightning awakes in this world.

That is when. Eradia is intimately tied to the savior's holy task To gather fTIOfe. Nova Chrysalis. The people call this land-which fallsfurthef undertheswayoftheChaoseachday-Nova Chrysalia. Childrenstayforeverinnocentand simple in their hearts Some believe that God in his mercy must have taken from IM.

The people stood strong in the face of thisdisasterthankstothestrengthoftheir leader,HopeEstlleim. In this world, there is no aging. After many years of living with. God'ssalvation appeared and quickly grew to power, capturing falteringhearts. Jiatioohasdwindledand society grown stagnant. The peopleofthisdyingworld largely. With no changes to mark the march of years, thedecadesslippastasfleetingastheseasons.

The influxo! Chaosslowlycoveredthe lands, leaving only small tracts still inhabitable by. The Order of Salvation. Believe in the coming of the new world. T he Children. TheChildrenofEtroisareligiousgrooppledgedto thegoddessofdeath. Etro's followers have turned their back on the teachingsoftheDfder,andelPI! Ctnosalvationfrom almightyl! Theydonothopetobereborn into the new world which Bhunivelze promises.

MallY heret1cs are moderates INho keep to themselves, but there are also fanatiCS wOO are willing to comm1t murder in the name of their own brand of salvation. The Savior. Scripturetellsbeheverslflatasaviorwillappearat the end of the world to do God's bidding and save thesoulsofthepeople.


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