Organic matter occurring in Lower Palaeozoic rocks of variable lithology was investigated for its origin, depositional environment and thermal maturity. Samples from nine boreholes located in the Polish part of the Peribaltic Syneclise were collected for performing Rock-Eval Analysis, palynological investigation for Thermal Alteration Index TAI , solvent extraction, preparative layer chromatography PLC and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC-MS of aliphatic and aromatic compound fractions. It was found that kerogen belongs to either type I or commonly, to type II. Organic matter is in the thermal evolution stage from late diagenesis to advanced metagenesis.

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We kindly inform you that, as long as the subject affiliation of our In this case, please broaden your search criteria.

Medjimurje county is rich in ground waters. In this paper we investigated some of the main parameters of anthropogenic origin in ground waters: nitrates, phosphates and detergents. We also analysed the influence of the precipitation quantity and distribution and flood on ground waters and their correlation with measured parameters. In a period from to nitrate concentrations were constantly decreasing.

All investigated parameter concentrations were below maximum acceptable — tolerant concentration. The aim of the article is to determine the direct and indirect benefits from the development of nautical tourism in the West Pomerania. The study was founded on the economic base theory, which attributes local development to exogenous factors. In accordance with its premises, the direct benefits include the initial sailing spendings. The lack of a comparative base made it impossible to determine their exact significance for the economy.

The calculated tax revenues — as one of the categories of indirect benefits — comprised a small part of the local budget, but with the income of the port operator they allowed to cover the investment outlays for the development of sailing infrastructure. Qualitative analysis confirmed that the majority of indirect benefits accumulates in the local economy. This, however, will require further development of sailing infrastructure and broadening the scope of available services. We mention that the work presented is based on a study on the evolution of the economic foundation of economic activity Galati, study is part of the economic section of the city PUG, urban documentation being finalized and approved.

Public services, state and private, were the focus of our attention, knowing that the quality of these services depends to a great extent the quality of life in today's natural and technological risk. We extended our research to the entire economic activity in the city, focusing on the evolution of the number of companies and the turnover of each of them.

Based on the results we have identified and proposed several solutions to increase economic efficiency of firms in a municipality, including one who is a pole of urban development. Considering that by performing steps to identify and present by us work, along with intense documentation and research results from other cities of our country in this direction can obtain a true picture of both the current level of economic development a-pole city urban development and the direction in which it can develop by exploiting both the own resources and European funds.

The global transport systems were much improved from the end of the s, through density and network development. In the contemporary post-Fordist production system the production fragmentation and the strict following of the just in time principle led to the rapid growth of transports at international level.

This reality nurtured the need for proficient logistics, which took place apart from the historical waterfronts sites. With this change, the urban waterfront no longer realize the interface with the port-city in a direct way, but in a symbolic one.

Port-cities are unique landmarks of the world commercial and social history, as crossroads of regional and world trade, assuring the transition between the coast and the hinterland, acting as transit hubs for goods, people and ideas. They evolved over time, following the humanity general evolution. Our present service-oriented economical systems no longer rely on the industrial port production from the past, while the technological services redefined the relationships between transport and port industries.

Coastal towns rely heavily on the quality and expanse of their beaches to attract tourists. Climate is an important tourism determinant, controlling the length and timing of peak arrivals. South African tourism is particularly reliant on these factors. Perceptions of tourists and tourist accommodation establishment regarding climate change threats to tourism are explored for the towns of St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.

Tourism accommodation establishments were predominantly concerned with day-to-day changes in weather, investing in small-scale infrastructural changes to improve the comfort of their guests. By contrast, tourists demonstrated greater concern for the risk of flooding, sea-level rise and the degeneration of the beaches.

This reflects concerning disjunctures between perceptions of tourists and accommodation establishments regarding climate change threats. This may portray to tourists insufficient investment in adaptation at accommodation establishments, resulting in decreased tourist visitations in the short-term in favour of destinations perceived as better prepared. This paper focuses on the emergence and key features of mediated buzzwords within the context of sociology of media and extends its scope in the nature of relationship these buzzwords share with other institutions in the society namely politics and economy.

For doing so, the author of this paper has chosen General Elections in India as the time frame to study the mediated buzzwords disseminated by different newspapers before an election. This paper is based on primary and secondary sources of data. This article explores the role of the German in the literature of Lubusz Province in western Poland, which is treated as an exemplary Polish-German borderland.

In the number of population in the village accounted for 1, while in -this number dropped to As is seen this village too, like a lot of others in Serbia, has been affected 'by de-population process. The analysis aim at revealing not anly the sort of social and ethnological processes having been developing in the village of Dobri Dol but also the other processing developing in the presint-day Yugoslav village in general, taking, of course, the concrete investigation carried out in this village as the example.

Multiculturalism is a contemporary reality. The labour market has become dynamic and people can move, especially in the area of a united Europe, without hitting too many obstacles. However, the experience requires an understanding of how we behave in the space where we want to work in and in which we want to live. The rules of peaceful coexistence require the capacity of understanding the respect for the ethnic, cultural and religious identity of each person.

Every ethnic community can and should contribute actively to the development of the interethnic and interreligious relations in the common space that we share. We have considered necessary to present a retrospective summary of the history of this territory as a necessary preamble to the development of our topic.

Bulgaria had left southern Dobrogea to Romania with regard to Bucharest Treaty, southern Dobrogea was given back to Bulgaria under the pressure of Germany. Between and , Romenian government wanted to turned the region into a Roman area. Romania and Bulgaria has respected the rights of Turks due to obeying the provisions of the Berlin Treaty and low number of their population but later then, Turks were forced to emigrate to Turkey.

For this purpose, various reports for population of Dobrogea had been prepared. The report that was prepared by him has given information about demographical structure of the region, Muslim households and propagandas of Romenian and Bulgarian Governments.

For centuries the maps have been valuable learning tools. The map is a message. Maps have been important elements of a larger broader of the habsburg politics from 18th Century.

But it served in various roles: as archive for referenced data, as tool for investigating the spatial relations, and as an object of aesthetic and historical interest. This research is conducted to determine impacts of tourism development on the demographic image of selected small towns in Serbia. Analyzing the following indicators — tourism potential, the share of inhabitants employed in the tourism industry, tourist turnover, and tradition in tourism, the group of 23 small towns is singled out.

Further, the selected small towns with dominant tourism function are observed within four tourism clusters. The level of local population involvement in tourism is examined, as well as the influence of these small towns on the immediate rural surroundings.

The results of conducted analysis show that tourism has an important impact on demographic development in several observed small towns. In the case of other selected small towns, the tourism influence on population increase or migration is stagnating. Despite that, increasing number of employed in the tourism industry is recorded, which implies that tourism is recognized within local community as an activity that could contribute to the development of small towns in Serbia.

All of the five Central Asian countries have carried out the policy of economic reform and openness for more than 20 years, but it did get quite different results in the five countries. Then, what is exactly the role of economic openness in economic developping? And in this paper, based on the statistics,we have made the comparative studies about the effect of the economic openness in the five Central Asian countries.

The facts have told us that: there is a big difference about the relationships between economic openness and economic growth in the five Central Asian countries. For example, economic openness has a strong role in promoting the economic growth in Kyrgyzstan while it does have a very strong role in inhibiting the economic growth in Tajikistan; Besides, FDI is the main driving force to promote economic growth in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

However, the foreign trading and FDI have little impact on the Kazakhstan's economic growth. The study presents the analysis of the financial costs of commuting by car to Warsaw and the voivodeship cities in The elements which were analysed: the costs of fuel, the cost of the time equivalent and the motorway tolls. In the caseof estimation of time and construction of isochrones, the model of velocity of motion was used. The range of commuting interms of economic costs was differentiated by the level of remuneration in each city.

The results of economic diversificationwere reported using isodapane method a line of equal costs in several variants.

The article also calls for an increase in the interest of researchin economic accessibility, argued for the need to optimize transport services in the light of the progressive deconcentration ofsettlements and the depopulation challenges. Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more. I agree. Geography, Regional studies Regional Geography.

Result of Items per page:. A-Z Z-A. Disjunct perceptions? Do czego literaturze regionalnej potrzebny jest Niemiec? Documente cartografice din sec. Doktor habilitowany Kazimierz Szczygielski. Domestic Work and Intercultural Violence. The article also calls for an increase in the interest of researchin economic accessibility, argued for the need to optimize transport services in the light of the progressive deconcentration ofsettlements and the depopulation challenges More ALL Rights Reserved.

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Laboratoryjne badania gruntów i gleb

We kindly inform you that, as long as the subject affiliation of our In this case, please broaden your search criteria. The development of settlements in the Middle Ages was studied, and the modern-period development was analysed against the legal and ownership relations. Both villages first appeared in historical sources in the 14th century and were part of the royal estate. For most of their history, they were leased by the nobility, with the longest-lasting being the Lasocki family. These were relatively small settlements, inhabited by serfs. The paper also attempts to reconstruct the layout of the village and to study the process of succession of settlement.


Regionalizacja tektoniczna Polski-Polska południowo-zachodnia

We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. The research included geometric measurements of vertical discontinuity zones of selected rock outcrops and the electrical resistivity tomography ERT measurements of strongly weathered subsurface layers. In addition, the main crack directions for the gneiss occurring in the studied mountain region were identified. Interpretation of the ERT models allowed to characterise the structure of the rock mass, including the reach of the rainwater infiltration level and the depth of the weathering front. It is the second highest mountain range in the Czech Republic, located in the north-eastern part of the Bohemian Massif. The mountain valley Skalni Potok has a variable course of the riverbed, and the stream creates numerous rapids, i.


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