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This song is Daft Punk inspired; I made the beat and recorded this song with LS at our studio 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I never released the song due to fear. I am mostly a Hip Hop Producer I helped dozens create their own sound but yet I never really created my own, so I was afraid that people would simply hate the song because it is so different. The song is about a guy that is in love with a woman and he becomes this super fan that has many pictures of her.

The whole song is about this delusional guy talking to a photograph. The music we are creating is This release is important to me because it's unique and it's different than what I usually do. It brings out my skills as a music producer. It shows that I can step out my comfort zone which is hip hop and still create a banger that I cater to every generation. Right now we are Right I'm working on the video for the song FotoLove. I'm also recording for my upcoming album which will be a compilation album that will Produce.

Love the energy and groove of his music. He's not just creating melody, he's providing an atmosphere to live in. I imagine enjoying his music kicked back in a cool lounge with a martini. Love it. You posted a great song! I am ever disappointed with your choices.

I see you're doing a pretty good job with your pics. Off the chart selection on this website. Keep it up. Follow you now. Same s t I'm doing through my songs. People really do relate. Job Application. New Release Radar. Social News.

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