If this sentence leaves you flabbergasted, you may need to read this and this. The weather Yes, right, this is a bit obvious. But how lovely it was for 5 years to enjoy agreeable springs and autumns, winters with some sun as opposed to an everlasting grey sky , and hot, hot summers. Milan is also famous for its super thick fog, particularly present in late autumn, especially in the outskirts.

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Since the beginning, the company has grown in the food sector at national and international level, mainly in the design and manufacture of machines and plants for industrial production.

TRIVI plants ground on the continuous lamination of pasta, a kind of technology offering an optimal control over the process and such production high standard lasting in time that nobody else can guarantee. TRIVI offers customized plants. Its experience enables the company to offer turnkey solutions, from A to Z, from mixers to packaging, as well as the start-up of the line. Extensive expertise in product technology is put at your disposal.

The company can develop the product as to meet the various requirements of the international markets. TRIVI believes that customer satisfaction and direct interaction with his are essential to get a positive and profitable result for both sides. The wide range of products that can be produced with TRIVI machines also includes the following: croissant, sheet pastry products, baguettes and by products, Ciabatta bread, tin bread, rusks, bread sticks, cakes, flat bread, Savoiardi biscuits, pizza, pita, focaccia, etc.

The positive feedback from international groups and small-sized realities is further evidence that constant investment in research and development leads to customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction is the real fuel powering this company, spurring it to improve constantly, every day. The company Tekno Stamap was established in thanks to the enterprise and creativity of Mr. Baldovin and Mr. Dante, who started producing mechanical equipment for the food industry. Later on they developed a wide range of manual and automatic sheeters and the first units for croissant making. The numerous investments made throughout the years enabled the creation of a dynamic, flexible and technologically advanced firm equipped with the best software and hardware solutions.

These elements made possible the development of the already existing product range with the new Line of planetary machines with capacity up to litres. The company can today offer its clients state-of-theart machines, like the brand new units for croissant making Cryomat and Integrex characterized by innovative design and premium quality. When combined with a production line the unit Integrex is especially. On account of these characteristics, Tekno Stamap has been cooperating with primary companies worldwide to develop new products.

It is now present, directly or indirectly, in nearly all Countries of the world and it is ever growing. Tecnopool is a Veneto dynamic company that has always been inspired by development, growth and evolution. Its history dates back to the eighties and shortly after it address its attention, studies and production to the applications of spiral conveyor belts cooling, deep-freezing, leavening and pasteurization for the food industry, by proposing a broad range of belts for any kind of product: from fruit and vegetables, to bakery products, meat and fish.

The most significant component of T-Worth system is the belt, on which the company has focused most efforts; today, the third generation of this system guarantees excellent performances, higher sturdiness and dependability than the previous versions.

It is stainless steel cross-bar conveyor, length ranging from and 1, mm, built. The running requires nearly no lubrication, thanks to so-called plastic elements running on plastic tracks. The motion is by a driving group crossing the belt near each layer of the spiral. This kind of driving system differs completely from drum-type spirals, since it allows air to flow freely through the spiral layer.

This way, products under thermal treatment are always under constant air flow, thus optimizing the various heat treatments. This special structural characteristics offers inevitably simpler cleaning operations. Thanks the absence of any direct contact and therefore friction among metal elements, the new generation T-WORTH guarantees belts remarkable durability.

In fact, compared to traditional conveyors, the metal element of the belts is not subject to any wear, while the. It is not a standard product, but new technology that can be adapted to the specific requirements of any user, to give the possibility to create load and discharge solutions in any place and regardless of the place where the new machinery is installed in already existent lines. Tecnopool has been in business for over 30 years and continues to be a leader in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing machinery to deep-freezing, cooling, pasteurizing and proofing food industry products.

Tecnopool S. The company Tarpan Srl, located in Alberobello, Bari, presents its automatic line for taralli, a machine which allows a non-stop progress of production, by means of an extruder drawing the dough and of a moulder making the taralli. The drawing is the result of a pressure extrusion of the dough. These strings are then laid on an unbroken conveyor belt and cut by a guillotine-shaped cutting set. This making of the taralli or of other ring-shaped products is due to the moulder, which allows an excellent toroidal closing by a radial pressure on the ends of the dough strings.

The final product is therefore tastier and more fragrant, and it keeps the characteristic of a hand-made product. Over twenty years of passion and innovation in the world of pasta since Anzio Storci, founder and President of Storci S. A Storci has become a reference point for the best-known brands in this sector. Without Storci the pasta and couscous sector may not have achieved the excellent results which many of its customers credit it with.

There is nothing worse than having couscous with different grain sizes, which are not whole or are overcooked. However, for these characteristics to remain unaltered, the.

The machinery has been built using top-quality, sturdy materials. A great deal of attention has been given to recovering and recycling leftovers, the couscous is always cooked to perfection with guaranteed uniformity. Storci also offers interesting studies of new production lines, such as those for pasta-based ready meals, lines for gluten-free pasta, foodsafe extruders for pre-cooked pastas and continuous dough mixing units for bread-making.

Starmix srl Marano Vic. A1 - Stand A For years Starmix has gathered, studied, processed and combined information to design and then produce this new machine. Dependability in time, no downtime for continuous work cycles running round the clock, easy cleaning operations, user-friendly programming, fast performance and safety, are the key elements for the confectionery industry to judge and perhaps buy machinery and equipment.

Hence, Starmix took in great consideration all these elements while designing the new PL The structure entirely built in stainless steel Aisi with sphere microshot peening treatment of the surface, perfectly smooth surface and round edges guarantee easier cleaning operations. The bowl is wheeled and provided with a discharge valve on the bottom in order to be emptied after any washing operation.

Upon request, it is also possible to install a bigger valve and connect a pump to transfer the product from the bowl directly to a hopper or other container. The frequent use of this machine is for sponge cake, plum cake and muffin productions. For these specific products the bowl is pressurized: the bowl is specially sealed as to bear pressure of 0,5 bar.

Featuring such pressure and double tool we can have the following advantages: 1. The double tool combined with scraper assure perfect homogeneity of mixing.

A trustworthy partner for food industry Creativity and made in Italy quality for the European reference point of the engineering chains. A reliable partner for every industrial application. An advanced model of efficiency, speed and services for food industry.

Reliability and quality, customer service and one of the most comprehensive line of chains: these are the characteristics that make Sircatene Spa a benchmark of the sector. It cooperates with the main plant producers of the agri-food sector, canning and mill industries, and it is also leader in the making of chains for pasta, bread, preserves, yoghurt and icecream production.

In any sector of the food and canning industry, Sircatene products run to guarantee the highest reliability, since Sircatene Spa knows that chains need working at their best in food production industry, also in case of remarkable change of temperatures, and fully complying with the norms in force in the food sector.

Sircatene chains stand out for their design, materials, treatments and coating; they are checked in any production phase and appreciated for their high specialization standards. The company has achieved such success thanks to well-established, specific know-how and its remarkably professional technical team with, which enable the production of high-quality products.

As well as its sound technical and technological knowledge, Sircatene also boasts considerable innovation activity carried out in cooperation with research centres and universities; this enables the company to be constantly ahead in the use of materials, product engineering, production processes definition.

Sircatene Spa always seeks motivated agents and distributors to start interesting partnerships and open up new markets. Via Marmolada, 15 Z. The company SIMA was initially established as assembler in the agrifood industrial sector, and in the last 30 years it has been specializing in the design and manufacture of small-, medium- and big sized, turnkey storage plants for cereals, nuts, coffee and flour for any part of the world.

SIMA offers complete and reliable products for any requirements, for instance: Screw conveyor; Bucket elevators; Storage silos; Cells and flour cells for feedstuff factories; Cereal dryers; Metal structures; Processing passages and turrets. The storage section consists in structures and machinery for the agrifood storage. SIMA production silos are fruit of long experience gained in the agri-food industry.

Industrial manufacture, high-quality materials and accurate choices about the future uses contribute to making a very high-quality and greatly competitive product. SIMA cleaning and classifying machines, mod. The product is thoroughly cleaned through 3 sieving systems: coarse, medium and fine. The first passage removes coarse impurities, the third removes shattered pieces, while the third removes earth.

Moreover, a winnower removes dust through a suction line installed in the discharge section. The cleaned maize is then stored in silos and storehouses, with no problem of preservation occurring. A reliable production of customized metal works. Accuracy and exact reading of the project charts are crucial elements for a perfect product. Via S. Its products, exclusively regarding Standard Transmission Chains with ISO Standards, developed as time went by, with the addition of special heavy and light conveying chains with attachments as by drawings, agricultural, scraper, accumulation and leaf chains, plus chains with rubber support.

The whole Rosa-Eurocatene production is manufactured by using first-quality raw materials guaranteed by selected and certified suppliers.

In addition, the firm has obtained the good quality certificate. UNI EN ISO Upon request the finished chain can undergo pre-stretching, coupling and grinding operations, which are necessary to meet particular requirements concerning the machine where the chain will be installed.

This operation is requested in case of packaging machines and of wood processing machines with iron U-bolt coated in vulcanised rubber. The chain is an ancient mechanical organ, in fact, the ancient Romans already used them on lifting devices for water. With the coming and the diffusion of motorization, chains were improved becoming authentic mechanical organs and their use as transmission lifting and conveying organs started to become considerable.

Evolution of the plants and means on which they are used, imposed their perfecting to face the increasing requirements concerning resistance, duration and yielding. The Rosa Catene SpA has reached these results with the higher quality level of raw materials, precision during production, control of the heat treatments and all the process parameters.

Via G. Photo 4 Officina Meccanica Re Pietro can produce and offer complete lines for the production of cereal cakes and non-fried snacks.

The process starts with cereal preparation, when humidity is raised by adding small quantity of water by means of a mixer, which makes the operation easier. The moistened product is then picked up by a mixer and conveyed to the feeding hoppers of the presses for the following cake production to be performed.

The cakes out of the presses are directed to a conveyor belt to be then conveyed to a portioning machine for the following alignment, placing edges on and making of the cake portion requested to be directed to the packaging machine. The horizontal packaging machine, which is fully equipped with special mechanic and electronic devices as to package cakes with edges placed on, is used to package the product in tube-like packs with top and twist.


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Since the beginning, the company has grown in the food sector at national and international level, mainly in the design and manufacture of machines and plants for industrial production. TRIVI plants ground on the continuous lamination of pasta, a kind of technology offering an optimal control over the process and such production high standard lasting in time that nobody else can guarantee. TRIVI offers customized plants. Its experience enables the company to offer turnkey solutions, from A to Z, from mixers to packaging, as well as the start-up of the line.


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Mondini SpA, packaging machines and dosing machines. Thanks to its experience in the field G. Mondini has become a leading company, with more than plants all over the world, more than employees, and constant and continuous collaboration with major food industry enterprises. This system has made it possible to improve the shelf life of the packaged product by as much as a factor of three, while keeping taste, smell and colour features unaltered, through the innovation of the container and the barrier film used, thus allowing a saving in production in terms of labour, film consumption and elimination of air in the package. A great opportunity which G. Mondini offers its customers is the possibility of experimenting with new types of containers, making its own structures available and using the latest technologies. Packaging is becoming a more and more carefully studied activity and G.


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