Retail price computing scale with built-in thermal label printer. Ethernet Network Communication option. Control all program data using LP-Works software. Pole and non-pole type available. Trade Approved.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. CLJ Series. Table of Contents. Page 3 2. Page 4 3. Page 5: General 1.

Page 7: Introductions We have designed this equipment with many advanced features, high quality construction, and user-friendly menu driven programming. Remember, for proper installation and maintenance please have your Page 8: Specifications 1. Tare - 2. Page Name And Functions 1. Page Symbols 1. Page 14 AUTO key. Save key. Void key. CL only Alpha keys. Used to type text data. Space bar. See fig. Page 18 5 Place the label in the scale as fig. Label setting menu b. Feed Adjustment.

Feed adjustment menu c. Sensor calibration Sensor Calibration menu Page Programming 2. Page Plu Programming 2. Label No. Page 23 3. Page 24 Page 25 Setting Global option EX 1. Barcode No. Page 26 Enter Department No. Page 28 7. Page 29 Page 30 PRINT Tare No. Page 31 Page 33 7. Page 34 Page Unit Weight Qty Unit No. Page 36 Page Editing Plu Menu Code 2. Page Origin Menu Code 2. Page Barcode Menu Code 2. Page Tare Menu Code 2. Enter Tare No. This value can be from 1 to Page Speed Key Setting 2.

You can program up to 5 speed key set. The Speed keys are numbered left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Page Programming Store Data 2. Page Programming Global Setting 2. Users may download one into the scale and set a specific free label format. Page Barcode Format Menu Code 2. All related barcode data are selected and saved from PLU barcode data table user may already register.

Page Printing Programming 2. Print Hardware Set the label type and sensor of printer 2. Page Printer Hardware Menu Code 2. Page Print Intensity Menu Code 2. The 2 is default value. Page Programming Scale Configuration 2. User can use call up PLUs only for current department selected in sales mode.

Page Change Password Menu Code 2. It automatically tests it. Page Scale Parameter Menu Code 2. But you must be careful how you deal it. The Parameters are concerned with Factory Settimg.

So your missing might raise some problems. Page Report 2. PLU Menu code print out rest information of sales. Page Hourly Report Menu Code 2.

Page Communicaation 2. Page Network Setting Menu Code 4. If so CL-Works will not able to retract the right scale because access IP address will change constantly. Page Ip Menu Code 2. Page How To Clear Tare 3. Page Tare Override 3. Page Calling Up A Plu 3. Page Override For Key 3. Page By-Count Plu 3. Page By-Pcs Plu 3. Page Sales Operation 3. ONION 0. Please refer to chapter 3. Page By Pcs Item 3. Page Add-Up Transaction 3. PLU is cleared automatically.

You will see the display as below. PRINT 0. Page Void 3. Page Return 3. Page Prepack Key 3. Page Direct Discount 3. Page Appendix 4. Appendix 4.


CAS CL5000J Series Manuals

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. CLJ Series. Table of Contents.


CAS CL5000J Barcode Label Printing Scale

Proper Operation Calibration Menu Tree Marcador no definido. Exploded Views Part List


CAS CL5000J Series User Manual


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