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Besides the new product updates that are released twice a year, every month a new service pack is released. A service pack also contains all improvements from previous service packs for this product update. Below you'll find an overview of all enhancements, grouped by the service pack. Click on a tab to retrieve an overview of the enhancements in that service pack. The numbers between brackets refer to the internal reference of the improvement. To check which service pack is installed, you can check the 'ReadMe.

People from all across the organisation jointly work to make Exact as prepared and safe as possible in all stages. In fact we are fully in preparation for a dedicated Corona newsletter update. Ensure you have a general plan in place for when a major crisis hits. It made the transition to working from home pretty painless. IT Director Bastiaan van der Vis leads the te A short recap.

We decided to measure their sentiment about this crisis during calls they have with our support department. In this way we can check how they are doing, in the most personal way possible, and gather information at the same time. We see that construction and non-profit organisations are most positive, where wholesale customers are the least positive group of customers within MM.

Most of the comments refer to the expected duration of the measures, so this might hint towards a different expectation at first within this group. In the meantime, if you have any questions or remarks, please let me know. We deci Even when the data shows that you should do X, does your gut tell you to do Y instead?

You can also take your gut with you to this talk. It may learn something too! June 23rd, from to ! It may learn s We aim to inspire other entrepreneurs to be as resilient as the customers in the podcast. Their stories are honestly inspiring, so we highly recommend you take half an hour to listen to them. If you understand Dutch, that is. So after you hit us with a 5-star rating, please let us know what we could do to improve.

Great initiative. Is all content going to be in Dutch? Very curious to find out our customers' reactions! We aim to inspire oth There is quite a difference between following a training course in a classroom compared to following one online.

This is great news! We can build your specific requirements. Also look at our add-ons for the different Exact products. Congrats to Andy. Congratz Andy!!! Congratz Andy! We missen je. I enjoyed working with you during the last 6 months! ID, absences. HID, absences. One moment please Exact Globe. Service pack 23 of product update is available as of Service pack 23 is the last service pack for product update It could happen that the help function did not display any information HF The field 'Datum ingang' when updating payroll data was not working properly HF The calculation for component of subtype with bron Contract and frequency: daily was not correct HF For employees that were not insured anymore the SV wage was displayed on the payroll slip HF Service pack 22 of product update is available as of The sorting in the date exceptions overview was not working correctly HF The error 'invalid property bankaccount' could appear when matching bank statements HF Service pack 21 of product update is available as of An error could appear when authorizing payments HF When mailing a reminder, the original invoice was not attached if the invoice number had less than 8 digits HF New version of the Hu2mio report HF When recalculation, while selecting all employees, an incorrect pension calculation took place for employees without regular payroll hours - Dutch legislation HF The catalogue value of the car is incorrectly determined when using multiple components for the additional taxable benefit in one period - Dutch legislation HF Service pack 20 of product update is available as of When using payroll components of subtype , the 'franchise' was calculated incorrectly HF A modified invoice displayed the message 'error: a line item with the specified number already exists in the invoice chain' in NAV HF Service pack 19 of product update is available as of Improved error handling in case the system is trying to update the itemnumbers table even it is not required HF Solution for processing response messages from Digipoort HF NAV submission was only successful when the Extra data screen was opened and saved before processing the sales invoice HF An error could appear when printing a credit note that was generated for a return HF Service pack 18 of product update is available as of Minimum wage table for 1 july available - Dutch legislation.

The 13th month payroll component was not paid out in period of payment when the end date of the employee was filled in the same period HF Improvement in the performance of the Journal entries report HF Service pack 17 of product update is available as of It could happen that the price was imported incorrectly when importing sales orders HF In the APG pension declaration, the 'productloon' was not filled if the premium was not calculated HF After processing an invoice or credit invoice, no decimals were displayed for the Quantita element in the XML file HF Service pack 16 of product update is available as of A No access error could appear when sending e-invoices via the digital postbox HF The wage list did not show the correct columns when it was exported once HF The asset balance list did not show the correct investment in case of split financial year HF It could happen that the exchange rate was not updated for every processed invoice HF Service pack 15 of product update is available as of Important : This update contains a database change.

After installing this update your database will be updated when opening the database. It could happen that the wrong general ledger was displayed at the Stock change account in the item maintenance HF When a grouped invoice was created for multiple purchase orders, the e-invoice was not automatically matched HF Due to rounding differences there could be a difference between the amount of the invoice and the amount of the financial entry HF CLA 'Voortgezet onderwijs' is available - Dutch legislation.

When using different date notation on the server and workstations, it could happen that the date of the transaction was not correct when processing invoices via the EGN background process solution HF If the transaction date of the sales invoice is different from the issue date, it could happen that the due date was calculated incorrect in the NAV file HF When the invoice settings 'Credit note: Copy invoice rate' is checked it could happen that an incorrect exchange rate was applied for the credit note HF When using a VAT code with perpetual services it could happen that an incorrect reporting date was used HF Service pack 14 of product update is available as of When processing invoices with multiple users at the same time it could happen that the numbering for the e-invoicing XML files wasn't correct HF The rule items that have been selected as the stamp duty items in the settings will be reflected at the 'DatiBollo'tag in the XML file, once the rule items have been added in the invoices HF Changes for legal report Kammerumlage as of HF Decimals weren't displayed correctly in the Anlagenspiegel report HF It could happen that the diagnose was not able to repair everything successfully HF The performance when authorizing payments was not optimal when certain filter criteria were used HF When working with quantities with more than two decimals these were always rounded to two decimals in the XML file for the e-invoice HF


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