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Quick Links. Table of Contents. G If you have any questions, call the Canon U. Center toll-free at U. Calgary, Alberta T2E 7K7. G If you have any questions, call the Canon Canada Information. Center toll-free at Canada only. Canada Canada seulement. Periferico Sur No. Ex-Rancho de Anzaldo C. Manual de Instrucciones. Canon instruction manual digital video camcorder zr50 mc, zr45 mc pages. Canon instruction manual digital video camcorder zr 97 pages.

Canon digital video camcorder instruction manual zr 88 pages. Canon instruction manual digital video camcorder zr,zr pages. Canon digital video camcorder instruction manual zr 66 pages. Information Center toll-free at U. Page 2: Important Usage Instructions If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment.

Canon U. Tel No. Read Instructions — All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated. Page 4 Replacement Parts — When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacement parts that are specified by Canon or that have the same characteristics as the original part.

Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock or other hazards. Its advanced technology makes it very easy to use — you will soon be making high-quality videos which will give you pleasure for years to come. Many various functions are condensed into its compact body. Also, the slim and stylish design makes it easy to carry and use and shooting videos a pleasure. Page 10 Viewfinder p. Page 11 u LANC terminal p. Connecting the camcorder to an AC outlet Use the power adapter to provide your camcorder with instant power from an AC outlet.

Page 14 Subject to change without notice. When replacement of power supply is required, please return it to the responsible nearest Canon Service Center and please replace it with the same type number CA or equivalent. The Adapter can be used with a power supply between and V AC. For areas where V AC power is not used, you will need a special plug adapter. Charge the BP Series battery packs with power from your car battery. Page 16 2. Operate the camcorder with power from your car battery.

Page Allowing The Subject To Monitor Recording Allowing the subject to monitor recording When you turn the LCD panel so that it faces the same direction as the lens, you can watch yourself during recording or let your subject monitor recording. The viewfinder is also activated when the panel is in this position. Page 30 Other playback modes Playback pause Press the a pause button.

To resume normal playback, press it again, or press the e play button. Fast forward playback To play back the recording at about 9. Press the PLAY e button to return to normal forward playback.

If this happens, turn down the volume. You will need to attach a power source to the camcorder Power off all devices before starting the connections. Page 34 For higher picture quality, we recommend playing back recordings on a TV with an S S1 terminal.

If you connect the camcorder to a TV with an S1 terminal, recordings made in the mode for wide screen TVs will automatically play back in wide screen mode on the TV screen.

Page 35 R right. Page Tips For Making Better Videos Using a tripod To prevent any unwanted movement, you can mount the camcorder on a tripod, or any flat surface at a suitable height and operate it with the wireless controller. Page 37 Hold the final image for a few seconds before you stop recording. Tilt the camcorder up to exaggerate the height of the subject.

Tilt down from the top of a building, for example, as an introduction to subjects at the bottom. Record review When the camcorder is in record pause mode, you can use record review to play back the last few seconds of your recording and then return automatically to record pause mode.

You can quickly make sure that a scene has recorded properly and then go on to shoot the next scene, without producing any noise in the picture.

There are 2 main menus: CAM. SET UP Page List Of Menus 6. Press the selector dial in to select. Turn the selector dial and move the arrow to the desired setting.

Page White Balance 1 Camera set up submenu q Shutter speed Page 44 The wireless controller and the camcorder have been preset to mode 1. If you change the mode on the camcorder, be sure to change the mode on the wireless controller to the same mode. You can choose to display or hide it during playback Set the date and time display when you first start using your camcorder. During this time the camcorder also records the sound, and the display shows the still picture. Page 50 2. SET UP.

They use different combinations of camcorder settings in order to adjust the exposure and other functions to match the recording situation. Slide the program selector to the [ position. Page Easy Recording Easy Recording The simplest way to use the camcorder is with the program selector set to the [ position. The camcorder will take care of focus, exposure and other adjustments, leaving you free to point and shoot.

You may notice some shudder when recording moving subjects. Low Light This program allows you to record in dimly lit places. Page Using Digital Effects D. Vertical Wipe WIPE When you start recording, the picture begins as a thin vertical line in the center of the screen which gradually expands sideways until it fills the whole of the screen. Page Operating Faders Digital effects can be set with the controls on the body of the camcorder or the wireless controller. Page 60 6. Page Wind Screen Wind screen The camcorder has an automatic wind screen to prevent wind noise from interfering with the sound track.

Use the wind screen when recording in windy places such as the beach or near buildings. The time remaining counts down in the display e. Then you can adjust the exposure manually. Page 67 AUTO.

All you have to do is point it, and whatever is in the center of the display will usually be in sharp focus. If it does not seem to be focusing well, it may be because the subject is not suitable for autofocus. SET UP 1. Make sure the camcorder is set to the Q program AE mode.

Open the menu and select CAM. If you then switch the white balance to SET, the camcorder will remember your last setting. Page Setting The Data Code — If the tape was recorded on a camcorder without a data code function. Page 73 Six-second auto date The 6-second auto date appears for 6 seconds to mark the changeover of a day if the tape was being recorded at midnight. It also appears for 6 seconds when you start playback and have the data code turned off. The 6-second auto date will adjust for any time zone changes you have indicated.

Page Editing Editing to a VCR By connecting the camcorder to a VCR, you can edit your recordings in order to remove unwanted scenes — or combine different shots to create your own video productions. Preparations 1. Connect the camcorder to the VCR. Connect the camcorder and the other digital device. Prepare the other device. Page 78 Certain pre-recorded software tapes are copyright protected.


Canon ZR40 - camcorder - Mini DV Specs

When your download is complete please use the instructions below to begin the installation of your download or locate your downloaded files on your computer. Expand All. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you ZR40 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store. The BP battery allows you to record 6 hours 10 minutes when the viewfinder is used or up to 4 hours 55 minutes when the LCD screen is used. Read More.


Canon ZR 40 Manuals

Quick Links. Table of Contents. G If you have any questions, call the Canon U. Center toll-free at U.


Canon ZR-40


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