For Businesses. Write a Review. Would highly recommend to anyone! Brotzman and his PA are both very personable yet super informative, they explained to me everything and made it very easy for me to understand exactly what was wrong with my knee. I had a sports injury to my knee and initially saw my family doctor regarding my knee and was basically told to rest it for a few weeks, take pain medicine and was given a flimsy brace which did not help whatsoever. He didn't even X-ray my knee despite how swollen my knee was.

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For Businesses. Write a Review. Would highly recommend to anyone! Brotzman and his PA are both very personable yet super informative, they explained to me everything and made it very easy for me to understand exactly what was wrong with my knee. I had a sports injury to my knee and initially saw my family doctor regarding my knee and was basically told to rest it for a few weeks, take pain medicine and was given a flimsy brace which did not help whatsoever.

He didn't even X-ray my knee despite how swollen my knee was. I was given Dr. Brotzman's name by one of my friends who is also a patient of his and decided to get another opinion.

At my first visit I was X-ray'd and the doctor did several tests on my knee then he gave me his opinion on what was wrong with my knee. He placed me in a much more supportive brace, gave me a shot, drained my knee which helped immediately then ordered a MRI to rule out other possibilities.

I saw him back to go over my MRI results and his initial diagnosis was spot on and the results confirmed what he thought when I first saw him. He went over all the findings on the MRI and unfortunately I had to have surgery. My surgery was over 2 years ago and I followed all of Dr. I was back to sports in no time and I have been doing great ever since! Thank you Dr. Brotzman and staff for everything!

I went to Dr. Brotzman for a femoral neck stress fracture caused by overtraining from running. Brotzman put me on partial-weightbearing crutches for 6 weeks, and then sent me to PT. I followed his instructions to a T - and was actually more conservative than he suggested.

He said I could go down to using one crutch after a few weeks, and could start cycling, but I wanted to be sure I healed because he stressed this is a very serious injury that could lead to surgery if I didn't take it easy, so I stuck to two crutches and crosstraining in the pool.

Two weeks into very aggressive PT, I am getting the same pain in my hip. I call Dr. I was devastated. He says to get back on partial weight bearing crutches and no working out for a month.

I get a second opinion at this point, and the doctor has NEVER heard of anyone not being completely non-weight bearing for this injury, and says if I don't take all of the weight off my injured hip it will never heal. I go to completely non-weightbearing with no PT, and a month later I was feeling better than I had in months! I was worried about having to tell Dr.

Brotzman I got a second opinion, but he never noticed I didn't schedule a follow-up appointment. Which I am not surprised I guess, I would often have to wait for him for at least an hour when I scheduled an appointment and would have to remind him what we said at my last visit. Overall, not great bedside manner, and bad advice. He says he will get you back to sports quickly, but my recovery took longer and was very frustrating!

At the outset I should say that I am quite hesitant to give doctors high ratings, because by and large they watch for their pocket rather than the patient's well being, or to keep their practice going to put it differently.

Either I'm unlucky, or I simply had too many examples of to back up this opinion. This doctor is good in the sense that he won't recommend something you don't need just to make money. I have a knee with a previous ACL surgery that was either reinjured, or simply the graft loosened over time. Another doctor in town recommended a second surgery you'd figure out who by reading my reviews , and Dr Brotzman did a second set of test, a better MRI, and came to a different opinion and recommendation.

He is very knowledgeable, and likes to discuss various anatomic and medical subtleties with patients, something you'd glean by looking at replies to some of his reviews.

Would certainly go back for any issue I might have. I wish he was more available, but I hope he's not for no other reason that to make other patients get better. I tore my knee up on the tennis court and did a consult with Dr Brotzman.

An MRI revealed a torn meniscus, so we discussed a procedure to fix that. He would do a repair if possible, removal if not. That all sounded great. We did the procedure and when he briefed me afterwards he mentioned that he also did a microfracture procedure, where numerous holes are drilled into the bone to induce bone marrow to ooze out, form a "scab" which once healed creates a new glide surface in the joint capsule.

Ok, just one problem. At the time I wish I'd made a big deal about this. Interestingly, I had a client I run a clinic where we do corrective exercise therapy for people in pain who also had a meniscus procedure with Dr Brotzman and he also performed microfracture on her without previously discussing it with her or obtaining consent. I wanted to trust him, he had great reviews, so I just rode with it. Sadly, 6 weeks after the procedure the microfracture repair failed, spectacularly.

My knee massively swelled to the point I was writhing in agony, had to have my son take me to an urgent care facility where they drained over CCs of fluid from the knee. For reference, that's a lot. Now that the microfracture procedure had failed we had to perform yet another surgery. After extensive discussion, we decided to do a hemicap arthroplasty. Essentially, I now had a "pothole" where smooth cartilage should've been. The hemicap procedure involves using a custom-fitted titanium insert attached to a screw driven into the bone, which then "patches the pothole" and creates a uniform glide surface for the joint.

I show up for my surgery, it's first thing in the morning. Dr Brotzman comes in and says what we're doing that morning and I say "nope, never heard of that procedure. We'd agreed to a hemicap arthroplasty. At this point I should've said screw it and gotten up and walked out. But I'd blocked my work calendar out, we were ready for the procedure and I just wanted to get it over with. Dr Brotzman made some calls, was able to arrange for an equipment rep to be present a necessity for this procedure and we rescheduled the surgery until that afternoon.

So now I haven't eaten or drank anything since midnight, it's 8am and now I have to wait another 8 hours for the surgery. I get the surgery and all seems to go well. Except after about 10 days my recovery stalls.

The knee doesn't feel right. As more time goes by, same story. The knee isn't good. Started in my feet, moved to my hands and fingers, then eventually every joint in my body. Within a few months I'm in agony and my body is going haywire. My blood inflammatory markers skyrocketed and the knee was always swollen. Every other month we were pulling CCs of fluid out of it.

I would tell them the knee felt bad and ask why it was generating so much fluid. I never got a straight answer and they performed no further diagnostics to get an answer. The next year was hell. I'd gone from playing tennis to now struggling to get out of a chair or out of bed, my hands were so arthritic and painful I couldn't open jars.

Finally the knee hurt so badly I went to a different surgeon for a consult. An xray showed that the hemicap prosthetic had dug a deep hole into the top of my tibia. I had a hole in my bone! The surgeon was amazed I was even able to walk. At this point the only option was to perform a total knee replacement. I got that done and after the procedure my surgeon said that the hemicap insert was not affixed to the bone, it was loose, and the odds are pretty good it had been loose for quite awhile, which is what caused the intense pain and swelling.

A month or two after the knee replacement, my knee felt fantastic and as I expected, my systemic inflammation began to resolve.

My inflammatory blood markers are now all back in normal range, but while they were spiked this process did severe damage to many of my joints, most notably the fingers on my right hand and my left ankle.

The odds are good that damage is now permanent. The quality of my life was severely harmed because, in my opinion, Dr Brotzman first did a procedure that was unnecessary and for which I did not give consent, and then subsequently did another procedure that appears to have failed from the start. He and his staff did little to nothing to determine why the knee was painful and swollen and by not acting, allowed my body to deteriorate significantly. In my opinion the quality of my life has been permanently harmed by my work with Dr Brotzman.

I would never again consider working with him, and when I need to refer one of my clients to a knee surgeon his name will not be on that list. I am so thankful to Dr. Brotzman and the staff in his office. Brotzman did my knee arthroscopy to remove an inflamed plica and shave fatty pad tissue. First off, the location of the surgery Vivere was wonderful. The staff was helpful and the prep rooms were spacious and clean. Once I was in post op, Dr. Brotzman was patient with me and took his time explaining what was done.

I was given everything needed for my recovery. During my first week of recovery I had sharp pain in my calf. I called after hours and was transferred to Jared's PA voicemail.


S. Brent Brotzman, MD

Brotzman, or suggest a better surgeon for your injury. Leave Dr. Brotzman a Review! There's an old saying that to really understand something, you should try to teach it to others. Brent Brotzman took that to heart.


S. Brent Brotzman, M.D.

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