This datasheet has Fast Attack Battlefield Role. Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat. The Heretic Astartes are corrupted superhumans with ten thousand years of burning hatred. Few can withstand their hateful assault. Army List.

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Blood Slaughterers are another Daemon Engine of Khorne devoted into having the most obnoxious name possible with the word blood in it. Seriously I dare you come with a more stupid name than Blood Slaughterer, well okay GW already did that with the Bloodsecrator. Slaughterers are larger than a Dreadnought, and look like a hunched, overgrown tick that has fed itself on way too much blood and metal Seeing as how most ticks feast on blood, oh GeeDubs you sly motherfuckers.

Slaughterers are armed with a multitude of monstrously large claws and blades making it a formidable weapon of war on the battlefield. Hilariously back in 1st Edition and early 2nd Edition the Blood Slaughterer was a small Daemonic robot of Khorne on two wheels rather than the humongous robo-tick of doom. The Slaughterer was one of Khorne's daemonic machine creatures of iron and brass.

It was protected by a daemonic aura, making it harder to kill than usual. However, with the advent of the Codex: Chaos 2nd Edition , the Blood Slaughterer was phased out of the Chaos army list only to make a return in by Forgeworld. Generally, this particular Daemon Engine has been very killy since its inception.

They're tough, fast, and dish out loads of punishment; Forgeworld only made them better at it while giving them a better model, TBH. The Slaughterer back in the early days of WH40K was daemonically possessed and subject to a bloody frenzy as it travels swiftly on iron-bound wheels while carrying twin-linked Heavy Bolters, a Chainaxe and a Lash of Khorne.

The Lash was a powerful energy whip, crackling with energy, the iron claws at the tip of each whip dripping in corrosive venom. Other than that, not much is really remembered about the Blood Slaughterer from 1st and 2nd editions; they were phased out at the end of 2nd and sat out three rules cycles until Forgeworld resurrected them.

From 4th to 5th edition, Chaos generally got squared in the junk with the nerfbat in 40K; it seems however that Forgeworld didn't get the memo and decided to crank out some nasty units for them in 5th with the advent of the Siege of Vraks - one such unit was the humble, resurrected Blood Slaughterer of Khorne. They only got more powerful throughout the editions and not even 8th Ed's reset button could dampen their damage output. So how did they play?

They had an outrageous amount of S10 attacks bypassing armour at WS and I of 5, thanks to having 5 attacks plus rage, giving them another D3 attacks on the charge.

Those alone are scary but they were vulnerable to both shooting and kiting by faster units; however, Forgeworld gave them the option to take Impalers at the expense of one of their CC attacks and close combat weapons. Oh yeah, and they could be taken in vehicle squads of 3, amplifying their brutality handily.

Basically, they were amazing; still, they could still get kited by jetbikes and the like because of the requirements of 5th Edition Rage rules, but whatever they touched would be guaranteed dead! Also, if you played daemons during this harrowing time to be a daemons player, you could take these and they had to deep strike like the rest of your army, thus helping you bypass some of the major flaws of the unit; essentially, playing Daemons was the tax for fielding this freight train.

Really, they only got better. Next to Obliterators, they were the go-to deep-strikers in 40K being roughly the same size as a dreadnought and frighteningly more powerful. They were also one of the few things in the game now that could effectively wind up in close combat on their turn after deep-striking due to a hilarious quirk in the rules; the strategy was effectively to strike near a MC or vehicles, impale it and drag it towards you, rip it to fucking pieces and then sweeping advance into the next victim.

The great 40K reset button made sweeping changes to the rules; they now sport a toughness, wounds, an armour save and a movement value as was standard to all vehicles in the game. The Slaughterer lost the ability to be taken in squads of three and to deep strike while getting shuffled into the Fast Attack slot. The impaler isn't as spectacular as it used to be - its basically a S8 blade attack at a 12" range that allows it to charge an extra 2 inches if you wound a vehicle or monster, which is still decent.

Finally, like all vehicles and monsters, the Blood Slaughterer has degenerating stats, whereby its S, M and A all decrease if it's taken a certain amount of wounds; at worst, it can move 6", has S6 and 4 attacks The big change are to this thing's special rules: it gets an extra 2 attacks if it's fighting infantry and cannot run away if within an inch of infantry note, falling back is a thing that happens in 40K more frequently now , advances a flat 6" without rolling any dice, can regenerate 1 wound at the start of your turn automatically and if it dies, roll a D6 - on a 6, ever unit within 6" takes D3 mortal wounds!

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Blood Slaughterer

The Blood Slaughterer , also known as the Blood Slaughterer of Khorne , is a large, gore-splattered Daemon Engine made of brass and black iron that is dedicated to the service of the Chaos God Khorne. The Blood Slaughterer is a Daemon Engine, a possessed war machine created with the single purpose of wreaking carnage on the enemy with unnatural Warp -spawned resilience and power. The Blood Slaughterer is one of the most recent incarnations of the ancient Slaughterer Daemon Engine variety that has been encountered by the Imperium since the Horus Heresy. The Blood Slaughterer is a savage and near uncontrollable Daemon Engine, as during battle it rends and kills with such indiscriminate fury that the Warp-spawned forces that empower the armoured chassis of the beast must lay empty and dormant between battles, or the daemonic monster will slaughter its own allies, as the Blood Slaughterer does not care who it kills, so long as bodies are torn asunder in Khorne's name. The empty chassis is brought back to unholy life by gore-filled rituals on the eve of conflict, and only then can the burning runes and cold iron fetters that bind the daemonic warp energies be loosed and the creature unleashed to slay and sow havoc in the Blood God's name.


3 Forge World Chaos Units You Should Try Again!

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