Dufour started playing guitar at the age of Since then, he has gone on to place second at the Canadian Guitar Festiv Don Ross. Andy McKee.

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Dufour started playing guitar at the age of Since then, he has gone on to place second at the Canadian Guitar Festiv Don Ross.

Andy McKee. Trace Bundy. Michael Hedges. Pierre Bensusan. Memories Of The Future. Hide and Seek. Spiritual Groove. Edge Of Light.

Oh Yeah! Song for Stephen. Catching the Light. Ashes in the Sea. Into Your Heart. The Heart of the Matter. You and I. The Transcendent Mountain. Funky Tonk Guitar Trio. A Hiding Place for the Moon. Scratch Solo. Glimmer of Hope. These Moments. No Name for Love.

The Hidden Moon. Lost in Your Eyes. To Run in a Dream. As In the Sky. Spirits in the Material World. In My Own Rhythms. En T'attendant. So Little While Road. Life in Technicolor.

South Side of the Sky. The Drive Within. Cold Day. Air Ground. The Little Sam. The Springtime. Air Ground Electronic. Electromagnetic Sun Powered Starship. Good Dog. Star Trails, Pt. She is Music. Midwestern Expansion. Spiritual Groove live. Swing In A Round. Mother live. Spiritual Groove - live. Mother - live. Tango Agricole. Polar Shift. Solitude solo. Glimmer of Hope solo. Mellow Deep Art. La pluie. Breakdown Ross. Antoine Dufour - You and I. Glimmer of Hope - solo.

String Fusion. Auto Reverse. Solitude - solo. Amour sans nom. Scratch - Solo. Electromagnetic Sun Powered Starship Electronic. These Moments - solo guitar. Comme dans le ciel. Le p'tit Same. Le printemps. Polar Shift Electronic. Intersections Electronic. Midwestern Expansion featuring Brad Hoyt on piano.

Catching The Light featuring Mathieu Fiset on piano. Overlay Electronic. Drowning Electronic. She Is Music Electronic. Auto Reverse Electronic. Hide and Seek Imogen Heap. Leur d'espoir. Lueur d'espoir. Catching The Light duet. Hide and Seek Imogen Heap Cover. Hide and Seek Imogen Heap guitar cover. Catching The Light feat. Mathieu Fiset. Toi et Moi. Apres le beau temps The Hiding Place for the Moon. Talk Coldplay. Trilogie Acoustic Guitar. Toi et Moi You and I.

Hiding Place For The Moon. Mother - DVD. Drac amp Frie. Funky Fonk Guitar Trio. Air Ground Acoustic Guitar. Mlancolie Du Changement. Leuer d'espoir.



Dufour's style continues to develop, bounded only by his imagination and his technical dexterity. With three albums of original material released to critical acclaim, two live performance DVDs, and more than 22 million views on YouTube, Antoine Dufour has emerged as a young star of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, building a worldwide reputation for innovation and creativity. Dufour has subtle and effortless way of transitioning his compositions in just a few short seconds from energetic and uplifting to a soulful warm nostalgia. While melodic and accessible to any listener, his music is at the same time extremely complex both texturally and harmonically. Dufour is clearly a musician who deeply understands the nature of the guitar.


Antoine Dufour - Hide And Seek (Imogen Heap) Chords & Tabs



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