With a simple reader, which is free from Adobe, users of Apple-based, Windows-based and Linux-based systems can share and view a common file. This saves both time and money for individuals and corporations as there is no need to generate multiple copies of the same document in different file formats. Further, the file size-to-file-detail ratio is excellent. For HPC owners however, Adobe has yet to write a reader. Ansyr, a Bellevue, Washington based company, answered this need with their application, Primer. Primer, which is now in version 3.

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Comment: Ansyr was one of 17 companies selected from applicants to present its business plan at an Early Stage Investment Forum in Seattle. More than accredited investors and venture capitalists attended the forum. Ansyr pocketed the most venture bucks. Fast Fact 2: Ansyr subsequently conducted a round of honest-to-goodness fund-raising. Comment: The company's performance at the investment forum "made raising money like falling off a log," says Warren Schirtzinger, vice president of marketing.

Fast Fact 3: Ansyr is the brainchild of a former Boeing employee and the owner of a construction company. Comment: As a manufacturing planner at Boeing, Michael Patrick frequently distributed electronic documents among various company computers. As the owner of a construction company, Rex Cruse dreamed of a timely way to distribute documents to construction sites. Together, they realized that equipping hand-held computers to read PDF files was the answer to Cruse's dilemma -- and a golden business opportunity.

Patrick and Cruse attracted a pair of investors and recruited Norm Levy, an experienced high-tech consultant, as president. Patrick is vice president of technology and Cruse is director of sales. It ensures that any computer equipped with Acrobat Reader can open and read a document exactly as it was prepared without jumbled columns, mangled typefaces or distorted graphics. The trouble is, Acrobat Reader does not work on hand-held computers. Fast Fact 5: Ansyr developed software -- dubbed Primer -- to allow hand-held computers to view, navigate and print PDF files.

Comment: Patrick is considered the "architect" of Primer, says Schirtzinger, developing bits and pieces of the patent-pending software even before Ansyr officially became a company. Programmers eventually were hired to finish the job. Comment: Given the projected growth of hand-held computers, Schirtzinger expects rivals to eventually emerge.

Comment: The software is licensed to groups and businesses. Licensees pay a fee based on the number of users. Health-care organizations and financial-services firms are Ansyr's top customers, says Schirtzinger. He couldn't say exactly how many Primer licensees are out there, but says there are 17, individual users.

Ansyr also has alliances with three smaller companies and more are in the works. Schirtzinger says Ansyr has not considered whether its ultimate future lies with an IPO or acquisition. Comments: That's peanuts compared to what's coming down the road, says Schirtzinger.

In the next few years, "you'll see hundreds of different hand-held devices," he says. Not only will hand-held computers outsell desktops, but new Internet appliances -- stripped down computers built to provide Internet access only -- also will require Primer. What's more, Primer open up the entire world of books to hand-helds since all commercial printers use PDF, says Schirtzinger.

Comment: It is, however, aggressively marketing Primer through a public relations campaign and at trade shows. Adobe, creator of PDF, has even made room for Primer in its own trade-show booths. Resource Center Construction Bids. Editorial Calendar. Contact Us Phone, E-mail, Directions. Real Estate. Fast Fact 7: Ansyr downloads an average of copies of Primer a day. Fast Fact 9: Primer runs on 60 different types of hand-held devices. Fast Fact Ansyr has spent "zero" on advertising. Welcome, sign in or click here to subscribe.

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