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The whole body presents good tonus, the structure of the body is elastically erect, there are neither cramps nor spasms. The skin is warm, blood supply is abundant, its tinge is reddish or slightly tanned; transpiration may be warm.

Muscles may alternate between tension and relaxation, but are neither chronically contracted nor flaccid; peristalsis is easy; constipation and hemorrhoids are absent. The face shows lively and mobile features that are never rigid or mask-like. The eyes are clear, pupil reactions are fast, and the eyeballs are neither prominent nor sunken.

Expiration is full and deep, with a pause before the next inspiration; chest movements are free and easy. The pulse is usually regular, calm, and strong; blood pressure is normal, neither too high, nor too low.

David Boadella presents his psychic contacts criteria that enable relationships with other people: 1. An absence of distress, when there is no danger, and the ability to react rationally even in dangerous situations — and courage to willingly enter into dangerous situations, whenever a rational and important reason to do so is perceived.

A deep and lasting feeling of well being and vigor; this is a feeling one can be aware every time one focuses on it even when fighting against difficulties or experiencing physical pain; however, this feeling should not be excessively strong; a part of this feeling may be related to feelings of genital pleasure during breathing.

The pestilential character is a coward and has nothing constructive to offer. Do not yield nor be discouraged. People will understand. He discusses both the conflict and the relationship that exist between love and discipline, stimulating us to think about an educational perspective — at home and at school — based on love and understanding. According to Alexander Lowen, the best educators are those who raise children by developing their creative potential and their ability to understand.

Lowen says that human beings go through development stages. Such stages are similar to layers; each one of them remains alive and functioning in an adult, adding some special quality to the whole of the human being. According to Lowen, the growth under advisement is the development and expansion of consciousness. Each layer represents a different conscious apprehension of oneself and of the world.

He makes it clear that consciousness is not an isolated part or personality; it is one function of a whole organism, one aspect of the living body. It develops emotionally and psychologically in relation to physical body growth. Neither does it cease at this time. Recognizing each of these stages is important for the formation of a healthy adult. Lowen helps us to understand what a healthy adult should be: The healthy adult is the integration of different stages in a whole: an infant at heart; a child in imagination; a boy in his adventurous spirit; and a youngster in his romantic aspirations.

However, if he lost contact with the first layers of his personality, he will be a sterile, compulsive, rigid person, whose responsibility will mean rather an imposed obligation than a natural wish. Only those people who were fully realized and satisfied in each one of the initial stages will reach the adult stage with integrated personalities. Publicado por Flaab em 11 de janeiro de Categorias Congresso de Artigos Relacionados.


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